PC GRAW 2 - Mission 05 - The Price Of Peace (Hardcore)

Alt video, brighter. Gear: GRAW2

The Price Of Peace is one of the best missions in the game, in my opinion it is one of the best examples of "solo" and "team" based gameplay. Now this is a somewhat long mission, and because of the amount of enemy you would suspect that getting all Special achievements would be impossible, but that is not the case.

My gear is the same as the prior mission and the Ghosts are my classic team which are:
  • Support with 240 machine gun, a short rifle or pistol silenced, and Zeus.
  • Demo with silenced assault rifle and short weapon, and Zeus.
  • Rifleman with the same as Demo.
  • NO 203 grenade launchers in the team, because this can affect "Stealth".

A few tips for this mission:
  • Pick entry point B.
    • Point A separates the squad and the Loyalists will rush towards a wall of enemy bullets
    • Point B keeps the squad together and gives you control.
    • From point B the enemy is located in one general direction, which makes sniping a lot easier.
  • Watch out for things that trigger "stages".
    • When you move close to an area, or blow up explosives, new events take place.  Some of these events may activate new enemy (makes them appear and rush toward positions). 
    • If you know when things become "activated" you can plan ahead.  Maybe you can create an ambush to eliminate enemy quicker, and so on.
  • Try to use the "buddy system".
    • 2 Ghosts cover each other.  If you have a Ghost moving it may take him some time before he can shoot, and he doesn't shoot as precisely.  If you have a 2nd Ghost set the can fire more quickly and precisely at the enemy, and that way your moving Ghost doesn't get hit.
    • When a Ghost runs out of bullets he needs to reload, place a 2nd Ghost close by to continue firing.
  • After Ghosts shoot Zeus, take control.
    • For some reason the AI behave like erratically after shooting a Zeus.  You have to take control of the Ghost.

      Point Of View (POV) control on Ghosts.
      You can view and control each individual Ghost from their point of view.  To gain the view from a Ghost you need to select the Ghost with the mouse wheel, and then press the G key.  If you press down on the middle mouse button then you can give orders to the Ghost.  This can be very useful, and I recommend using it in some situations.

      The Squad
      Usually you only deal with a Fire Team, which is comprised of 4 members, but on this mission you have a Squad.  A Squad is the size of 2 or 3 teams.  Because we have a squad of 2 teams we now have a lot of fire power.

      At first, dealing with a squad can be somewhat overwhelming. As you play the game using the Squad will become easier because it follows the same principles of the "buddy" system.

      Previously the "buddy" system was used for 2 members of the fire team, but with a squad you can use the same principles with 2 teams. Each compliments each other and they multiply the fire power.

      Mitchel tasks
      Now, you could just order the Squad around to do everything... but that doesn't always work. What works is letting the Squad do things that don't require as much "precision" and more rapid shooting, and you do things that do require precision.

      The Church
      When you get to the last part of the mission, the game wants you to move the Squad to the Church area, and that would be very stupid. Because of the "openess" of the area you will be vulnerable from attack from many directions. Your Squad would have to be watching everywhere, firing at everything, expect to be fired from somewhere else, and they would be overwhelmed.

      What works better is to keep the Squad in the street from where you come from. The enemy do not expect you to be in that position, and now you can engage the enemy in a single area. Within this area each Squad member will cover a specific sector. With the Ghosts just watching out for a general direction we can focus our fire power.

      You will also notice that it gets dusty, which makes sniping a lot harder. The more members in the Squad that make it to this part... the better it will be for you. For some reason the Ghosts have super vision and can shoot accurately.

      Before extracting, make sure to clear up the area (or at least cover your movements towards the vehicle). Mission complete with all Special Achievements.


      Published: Jun 3, 2012

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