PC GRAW 2 - Mission 04 - Joining Forces (Hardcore)

Alt video. Gear: GRAW2

On the (Hardcore) series I'm trying to get all Special Achievements, but on this particular mission that is not possible. Black Ops is an achievement that you get from a high percentage of "Stealth". Stealth is determined when you (Mitchel) kills the enemy while they are in a "dormant" or "idle" state. During this mission most of the enemy soldiers are "active" or "alerted", therefore when you shoot it computes as a "non stealthy" kill. Since we now know that we cannot get the Black Ops achievement we can now focus on the other achievements, and we can also move through the mission a bit faster.

The other three achievements are:
  • Man Of Steel - No injuries to self.
  • Leader - No injuries in team.
  • Marksman - High percentage instant kill.

My gear:
  • M14 rifle + scope + silencer.
  • 9M pistol + silencer.
  • Smoke and HE grenades.
  • Zeus

Ghosts and gear:
  • Support
    • 240 machine gun.
  • Demo
    • Rifle + 203 + silencer.
  • Rifleman
    • Rifle + 203 + sielncer.
  • All have Zeus and compact weapon with silencer.

GRAW 2 works in "stages" within a mission. These stages are activated when you move close to an area, or you detonate explosives, and so on. If you know what activates the stages, you can use them as a big advantage. If you know enemy will "pop" (appear) when you get close to a certain area then you can position Ghosts to eliminate the enemy faster. After playing the game for many years I know where and when the enemy will come out, and I use this to my advantage.

Ghost AI
The Joining Forces mission is not a good one for the Ghosts. The path finding and Ghosts movement is hideously slow, and because of this you have to do more yourself. Of course there are spots through the mission where the Ghosts will come in handy.

While you may have to do a few things in "solo" mode, the Ghosts can be useful to keep watch of rear. Use them where it is convenient, but don't depend on the Ghosts for anything major.

The next mission, The Price Of Peace, will be the true "team" based mission.


Published: Jun 3, 2012

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