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Gear: Cowon Z2 Plenue, Cowon S9

I have used the iPod Nano 6G a lot, but it is a bit limited compared to some of the other media players that are available. Previously I owned a Cowon S9, which delivered rich audio quality and had a beautiful screen, and this made me think of what Cowon may have to offer these days. I checked Cowon's website and found the Z2 Plenue.

The Z2 Plenue is an Android powered media player. The Android version is 2.3.5, and it has been modified to get some unique looks. I'll go into more of the software details in time, but for now let's check out the box contents.

Box Contents:
  • Cowon Z2 Plenue unit
    • White and black versions avilable.
    • 8GB, 16GB ($280), 32GB ($320) versions.
  • USB cable
    • Full USB to micro USB.
    • 45" long cable.
  • Power adapter
    • 67" long cable.
    • Replaceable contacts/head.
    • Input: 100-240V ~50/60Hz, 0.3A
    • Output: 5V, 2A
  • Earphones
    • Replaceable pads.
    • 45" long cable (total)
    • 5.5" long left side.
    • 16" long right side.
  • Documents
    • Instruction booklet (in several languages)
    • $10 EMUSIC Card

I'm not sure if this is "beautiful minimalistic" or Cowon just charges a lot for very few accessories. ;)

We'll go over the hardware features on the next post. For further enjoyment you can view the images below. Enjoy!



Published: Jun 13, 2012


  1. Does this come with the Android Market/Google Play as the app market or Cowon's own app store?
    You should have done a review on the Samsung Galaxy Player 4. There are quite a few biased reviews out there, but not that many proper reviews. I've gotten one and can say that it is a great device - but an in-depth review would still have helped... I guess you can't do everything. It's a great device, though, as I said - it has 1Ghz (single core) processor, 512MB RAM, as far as I am concerned, a very good graphics card, and a beautiful screen, while not quite as good as the super amoleds, still pretty great. It has WiFi (duh), Bluetooth 3.0, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS, as well as a microphone, and really loud stereo speakers (perfect for kicking the ipod touch's rear...). 8GB for $199 *(at least when I bought it in January, might be even cheaper now), and I got a Class 10 32GB microSD card for about $50, basically getting me a 40GB device for $250.

    1. I'll go into software a bit later. But to answer your question about the app store... well no. The Z2 that I received did not have an app store.

      Regarding the Samsung Galaxy Player 4, there is a surprise towards the end of Z2 Hardware Features video.

      I cannot do posts/videos of every device, but when I have questions about something then I try to jump into the topic. I do try to be fare and give somewhat 'educated' opinions. I think a good opinion considers multiple perspectives, and that does involve checking many systems out. Getting all of these systems is expensive to do because I buy the systems. (I don't take review units anymore.)

  2. Can we upgrade the Android OS to ver 4.1 in cowon Z2/D3?

  3. Hi jesse, can you compare cowon j3 & ipod 3th in your blog?

    1. My email address is

    2. I don't think I would do this. The j3 is older than the Z2 seen above. Cowon has had better audio quality in their products than Apple has.

    3. Thank you.
      I think the cowon z2 is better for me. Because in our country we don't have a legal copyright name.
      so we haven't Android Market & google play. The only problem is wifi.
      Ipod in about 3 or 4 times the actual price sold.
      3 months ago I wanted to buy an ipod 5th,but the value of our national currency...
      so we have about 1200$ to buy an ipod 5th.
      so in this situation is wonderful in every respect.
      pls comment. tnx

    4. J3 and z2 is very little price difference in my country.
      J3 has the advantages such as good battery. and z2 also has its advantages.
      Please get help.

    5. I recall a game that would cost $50 in the USA would cost close to a $100 in Guatemala. Outrageous!


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