Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet - Issues/Problems

The X201T is by no means perfect. Here are a few issues that you may encounter if you get this system.

Random Screen Clicks

Every once in a while you may encounter the "random screen clicks" issue. If this occurs do not panic, just reboot the system it should fix the problem. In a period of 4 months it occurred 3 times, but if it gets worse you may need to contact Lenovo.

Hinge Wobble And High Pitch Fan

The wobble and high pitch can be fixed by replacing parts, or sending back the unit to Lenovo for repairs.

Screen Dust And Scratches

I strongly recommend buying a screen protector. Photodon, Abestore, Soliport are some of the webstores you can buy one.

If you want to protect the back of the X201T you may want to consider some kind of "skin".

X201T Will Not Boot

If your X201T does not boot up you may need to update the bios. You can get the latest Bios at Lenovo's support website. If a bios update does not work you may need to contact Lenovo and request repairs.


Published: Mar 16, 2012

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