Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet - Faster Drive (SSDs, HDDs, And Hybrids)

Gear: Intel X25M SSD

If you are seeking for the ultimate speed on your system you may want to consider a Solid State Drive (SSD). By default most laptops and the X201T ship with a Hard Disk Drive (HDD), which may have speeds of 5400, 7200, and 10000 RPMs.

5400 RPM HDDs are quite slow but usually have ample storage amounts. 7200 RPM HDDs are a lot better and also provide high capacities. 10000 RPM HDDs are speedy, usually a little louder and require more power, and they also don't offer as high capacities as lower RPM HDDs.

SSDs offer the most system speed and file performance. They usually also stay cooler, and some of the latest models are very power efficient. One of the problems of HDDs is "shock", basically if you shake a system while the HDD is reading/writing you may crash the HDD. SSDs don't have moving parts so you don't have to worry about shock. The one drawback of SSDs is the lower storage capacities and high price.

SSD/HDD Installation Summary:
  • Turn off system, remove battery, press on/off button.
  • Unscrew the hard drive cover and remove hard drive.
  • Remove the enclosure from the hard drive and attach it to the new SSD/HDD.
  • Insert the new SSD/HDD with the enclosure into the drive compartment.
  • Close compartment, reattach battery.
  • Prepare and install OS through disc or USB flash drive.

After you install an SSD you will notice some amazing improvements. In my opinion SSDs are worth using if you are a very mobile person and need speed.  Sometimes these drives require special drivers, which should be indicated on the included documents.

There are new drives that are a mix of Solid State Drive and Hard Disk Drive.  These offer a blend of high capacity storage and solid memory for commonly used files (like ReadyBoost does).


Published: Mar 13, 2012

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