Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - Webcam Snapshots

Gear: S10-3T, Convertible Tablets, VLC, DawnArk WebCam Recorder, Lenovo Easy Capture.

Windows allows you to download many programs to take snapshots with your webcam. Here's a few programs that you can use.

VLC is known to be a media player, but it also has recording features. Of course this is a bit more complicated than other programs, but it does give you many customizations. Download at videolan.org

DawnArk WebCam Recorder is a very good option to take snapshots, it has lots of neat settings and is smoother than VLC. This software is not free, but you can run a free trial. Download at dawnark.com

Lenovo EasyCapture is software that comes bundled with other Lenovo systems but you can also install it on your S10-3T. The interface is super friendly and it's free. Han suggested the program after I published the video. Download at consumersupport.lenovo.com

There are many other programs that can take snapshots but these are a few suggestions. Enjoy!


Published: Mar 5, 2012

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