Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - Synergy For Sharing Mouse And Keyboard Among PCs

Gear: S10-3T, Convertible Tablets, Synergy.

Usually I have at least 2 computers at home. One of them is my main "work" system, and the other is more for "entertainment". With Synergy I can control both systems with a single mouse and keyboard. Basically my "entertainment" system now becomes an extension of my for work pc. It's like having a secondary screen, but with it's own processing power.

Synergy utilizes a wifi connection and performance will depend on the wireless quality. For a faster and better method you can use a wired KM switch. I tested a KM switch called the J5 Create WORMHOLE KM Switch and that performed very well.

How to setup Synergy:
Download Synergy and install it on both main and secondary PCs.

I use "MASTER" as my main computer's name, and "S10-3T" as the secondary computer. Your systems will have different names, so double check by going to System under Control Panel.

Server Side Setup (main computer)

  • Launch Synergy and click on "share this computer's keyboard and mouse, then click "Configure" button.
  • Create two screens (MASTER and S10-3T)
    • Click the plus (+) sign and type the name of the system, then click "OK" button.

Create links between the two screens
  • S10-3t is left of MASTER (0 to 100% of the left of MASTER goes to 0 to 100% of S10-3T)
  • MASTER is right of S10-3T (0 to 100% of the right of S10-3T goes to 0 to 100% of MASTER)

Click "Start" button

Client Side Setup (secondary computer)

  • Open Synergy and click "Use another computer's shared keyboard and mouse"
  • Type the main computer's name (in my case MASTER)
  • Click on "Advanced" and verify the S10-3T's name.

Click "Start" button

You can add Hotkeys for switching from one computer to the other. Another feature is to enable the "AutoStart" so it opens automatically when you computer boots up.


Published: Mar 3, 2012

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