iPod Nano 6G - Diagnostics Mode

Gear: iPod Nano 6G

The Diagnostics Mode lets you view tons of "background" details. This mode is not meant to be seen by everyone, but if you get curious you can explore it.

To access the Diagnostics mode press and hold the 3 top buttons until you see the dark screen with yellow letters.

  • Standby
  • Power
    • PMU Status
    • System Voltage
    • USB Current Limit
    • Charger Status
    • Battery Status
    • Power drain mode
  • Audio
    • HeadphoneLeftchannelTone
    • Headphone Right Channel Tone
    • Record to buffer (2)
    • Play from buffer
  • Remote
    • Remote Volume Button Test
    • Remote Play Button Test
    • Headphone Detect
    • Remote Headset Id
    • Reset Remote
  • TV Out
  • LCD
    • LCD Pattern
    • Backlight setting
  • IO
    • Pin Status
  • FM
    • FM Initialization
    • FM Scan Up
    • FM Scan Down
    • FM Passthrough
  • Memory
    • DRAM Quick Test
    • Nand Size
  • Touch Panel
    • Sensor Test
    • IC Version
    • Firmware Version
    • Error Check
  • Accel
    • Accel XYZ
  • About
    • SrNm, Fwld, HwVr, MLB#, Mod#, Regn, EFI version, NAND # of LBA, NAND Block Size


Published: Mar 31, 2012

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