Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - VS iPad

For a brief period of time I owned a blog called s103vsipad.com (terrible domain btw). The content was eventually moved to lenovos103t.com, and now the content is here.

(long post)

The idea was to compare features of the iPad and the S10-3T. The project was never completed. Don't take everything too seriously.


I was fairly biased because I have been a PC guy. Because of this simple reason I have to give the iPad a point.

+1 iPad

Hardware Keyboard

The neat thing about the convertible S10-3T is that it has a keyboard included. The iPad requires you to buy a keyboard and maybe even the dock. To me it's far more convenient to have a system that includes the keyboard.

+1 S10-3T


The iPad has a very good screen, it has great viewing angles, brightness, and colors. The S10-3T's screen is not as good. The iPad 2's screen got even better.

+1 iPad

Form Factor

As a slate tablet the iPad is better. It's better because it's lighter, more portable, and it just looks better. The S10-3T is a bit a heavier ugly duckling when compared to the iPad.

+ iPad


The first generation iPad didn't include a webcam. The first generation iPad could have a webcam, but it was an attachment. The S10-3T wins this one by default... although the webcam is not great.

+1 S10-3T


There are many iPad + cats videos on Youtube. I can't say the same with the S10-3T.

+1 iPad

Best Unbox Video

I have seen many lame video unboxings of systems, but none are as entertaining as bdsin0's S10-3T unbox video.

+1 S10-3T


Part of the magic of the iPad is the reduction of unnecessary ports... this of course might have been taken to the extreme. The system now requires you to connect all kinds of adapters to get the same functionality that most laptops and Windows tablets already offer. The S10-3T has ports for doing many things.

+1 S10-3T


The S10-3T has tiny speakers that pretty much forces you to use headphones or connect to external speakers. The iPad in comparison has louder and richer bass that make it a superb tablet. I'm impressed.

+1 iPad

Self Stand

If you have owned a tablet you know how uncomfortable it is to actually use. Without the proper case/stand to place on your desk the iPad can get uncomfortable. Laptops and convertible tablets like the S10-3T don't need a case, they just have the "stand" built in. This is huge for comfort.

+1 S10-3T

Expansion Slots

Sometimes you just need/want to modify things internally, this can be done with the S10-3T. The iPad is a closed system that doesn't allow easy access to the internals.

+1 S10-3T


There are different battery configurations for the S10-3T, and the battery is replaceable. You could get long hours with the 8-cell battery, but you would have to diminish many features.

The iPad is a slim system and the battery is impressive. It gives plenty of hours and I think it beats the S10-3T.

+1 iPad


There's no way of comparing these directly.

The iPad runs an A4 chip which runs at 1GHz and will work fine for most apps that are not resource intensive. It gives lot's of battery life.

The S10-3T has a 1.66GHz or 1.83GHz Atom chip. It can do 3D, run Windows 7, and multi-tasking. It might be better than the A4, but I'm not 100% sure, so it's a tie.

+1 S10-3T +1 iPad

Heat And Noise

In a "no ventilation" zone the iPad can overheat. The S10-3T has a fan to move air and it will handle this scenario better.

Of course the fan of the S10-3T makes it noisier than the iPad. So the iPad does win at being a silent ninja.

Since most of the time you are going to be in an area where air is "ventilated" the iPad is the winner.

+1 iPad

Sleep And Wake Up

Windows and PC manufacturers are not up to par to the "instant" sleep/wake that the iPad offers.

+1 iPad

Wifi Signal

I do a lot of internet stuff and wifi is a must. My wifi router is a few walls away from my room, and the S10-3T copes with this better. The iPad that I got seems to have too many issues to actually enjoy it.


Touch Screen

The iPad offers an extremely responsive touch screen. The S10-3T may be as good, but the software of the iPad makes the interface feel super smooth.

+1 iPad


If I wanted to expand the current storage memory of the iPad I would not be able to do it. The iPad has a "set" amount of storage, and yes you could attach an external hard drive... but that's not internal storage memory. The S10-3T has the possibility of adding storage easily.

+1 S10-3T

Win 7 vs iOS

The iPad is the winner at having a touch friendly OS. But the thing about Windows is that it can run almost anything, even iOS emulators. Windows 7 allows more complete "content creation" software.

+1 S10-3T


I wanted to create more content and go deeper into comparing systems, but after a while I burned out.

I was at a point where bills had to be paid, and I had to make a decision to which system to sell. Obviously the iPad would earn me more money by commissions on sales. It's a wonderful media consumption device, and since consuming media doesn't help pay the rent I cannot keep it. The S10-3T is a better content creation system, so I'll keep the system for much longer.

Since I sold the iPad first, the S10-3T wins.


Published: Feb 29, 2012

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