Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - Gaming (PvZ, Battle For Wesnoth, Emulators, And More)

Plants Vs Zombies

This is one neat touch friendly game that works very well with your S10-3T.
PopCap - Plants vs Zombies

PvZ Free Version

Free web version through your browser.
PopCap - Free Plants vs Zombies

Battle For Wesnoth

This is a neat game that uses the touch screen of the S10-3T well. It's a free game that can be downloaded at wesnoth.org.

Game Emulators

Many game emulators will work well with the S10-3T. I have tried NES, GBA, and N64 emulators. You can also use USB controllers, which should make things a bit more enjoyable.

More games

A neat list at:
Gaming Bolt - 100 Games To Play On Your Netbook


Published: Feb 27, 2012

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