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There's a show that I listen to... and since it's "free" I have not paid a cent, until now.  The show is called "No Agenda".  The hosts of this show are Adam Curry (MTV dude) and John C Dvorak (tech journalist).  The show goes over politics and deconstructing media news.

Every once in a while John and Adam demonstrate some insightful strategies that can be used by companies, and governments.  It's important to question things to gain a deeper understanding.  They also have a bit of humor which I enjoy.

One day I was listening to Glenn Beck and realized that his show made me feel like the world was a terrible place, filled with terrible people, and the world was about to end. Then he broke into the commercials which fixed everything... If the "dollar was about to collapse" he offered "gold", if we were heading towards "world apocalypse" he sold "food rations", the "evil hacker's" are going to "steal your identity" and then he brought up some identity insurance stuff. I'm guessing that the way to sell stuff... by intensifying problems and then offering solutions (for a price!). Some really know how to play and take advantage of people's emotions, which is very evil. With millions in his pocket Glenn Beck's strategy works very well. The guy is smart. GB is not the only one, there are many others.

Many news organizations have stuff to sell and the No Agenda guys sell imaginary karma... so I like their approach.

Published: Jan 9, 2012

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