Dingoo Digital A320, JXD F3000, JXD5000 - Comfort

Gear: JXD S7100, JXD5000, Dingoo Digital A320, JXD F3000.

If you are a gamer for long periods of time you know that controllers and gaming devices can cause some stress on your hands. So comfort for the game is a must! On this post I'll go over my thoughts on these three compact emulators.

Dingoo Digital A320

Since this is the smallest it's also the least comfy. The pros of portability can ruin the comfort. One cannot be exist without ruining the other. Obviously putting this in your pocket would be easier. If you have smaller hands the Dingoo Digital A320 will be fine, if you have bigger ones then it won't. Also the L/R buttons are tiny so that's not good.

Since we are playing with emulators the experience may require an eventual reset. The Dingoo's reset hole/button is not easily accessible. Carrying a small little stick to do this is not convenient.

JXD F3000

This is the happy medium one and comfort is decent. It is better than the Dingoo Digital A320, but it's not as comfy as the JXD5000. It really fits well in my hands, the buttons are good.

One drawback is the annoying power button working as save/load and volume changing. Since it's small and positioned on the bottom it's not easy to access. At night time this was very frustrating.

The reset button that JXD placed on the bottom right is genius and will be useful.


This is the biggest one of the bunch and it's the most comfy. While it's bigger it still is very light. The buttons are placed very well. The volume up/down buttons are easy to access, the power/save/load button is placed perfectly.

Because of it's size it's not as convenient to place in my pocket. Again there are pros/cons to everything.

The reset button is placed exactly the same as the JXD F3000.

Published: Jan 2, 2012

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