j5 Create WORMHOLE KM Switch - Images, Thoughts, And 588MB File Transfer Test

Gear: j5 Create, Series 7 Slate, HP DV6T QE.

The j5 Create WORMHOLE KM Switch is a USB to USB cable that allows you to control multiple Windows systems at the same time.

Software Installation
There's no need for CD/DVD or software downloads. When you connect the cable to each system the software is installed.

Mouse And Keyboard
If you have multiple systems you know the inconvenience of having multiple keyboards and mice. If you have a main PC and a secondary system like a netbook or tablet usually you will want to control both with ease. With the Wormhole you can control each system with a single mouse and keyboard which is great.

Copy/Paste and Clipboard
Exchanging files from system to system can be a hassle. You may have to set up a network, then enable file sharing in Windows, maybe create a Homegroup, and so on. It's just trouble. The Wormhole is the easiest setup I have ever seen. Once setup is done, the Wormhole allows you to drag and drop files (copy/paste) from one device to the other. Copying text from one system to another is as easy as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

vs Wireless
I'm a big fan of wireless stuff, but most times the wired method works faster and better. There are programs that allow you to do similar things as with the Wormhole... but they aren't as smooth. Two of these programs are Synergy and Microsoft's Mouse Without Borders. For file transfers only there's Samsung's Easy File Share. But based on my 588MB transfer test the Wormhole many times faster.

588MB File Transfer
I used a .mp4 video that I created a while ago as the test. The results between the wired method and wireless are very different.

Wormhole - 42 seconds - 14 MB/s
Wireless - 165 seconds - 3.56 MB/s

Almost 4x difference in transfer speeds.

Overall I think j5 Create made a great product with the WORMHOLE KM Switch. It works perfectly on Windows systems. If you have two PCs and you want to share files and control them with a single keyboard and mouse the Wormhole is probably the easiest way I have seen to do it. My only negative is that the blue LED lilghts can be a bit annoying, something which is easily fixed with some black tape. If you are a multiple PC type of person (like me) then the Wormhole can be a great little gadget to have around.


There are Windows, Android, Mac and iPad versions of the Wormhole. The one demonstrated is the Win version.


Published: Dec 2, 2011

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