Samsung Series 7 Slate - Videos, Photos, Music Apps

Gear: Samsung Series 7 Slate.

The Series 7 Slate comes with a Videos, Photos, and Music Apps. These three "media consumption" apps use local media files. Most of the time you may stream media from the internet, but sometimes having local files during trips comes in super handy. (like that no wifi internet Iraq trip back in 09, hahaha)

If you have the 64GB SSD version and have lot's of media you may run out of space. To solve this problem we can add our media to a Micro SD card and insert that on the system's sd card slot, or a small USB thumb drive. (I prefer the SD card method).

Graphical User Interface
As you can see these apps are very simple, don't expect the Music app to be an iTunes killer. But their simplicity is good thing for finger touch input.

Folders and Files
These apps pull/load their files from the Libraries folder. Folders inside the SD card can be added to the Libraries folders.


At first I thought these apps were real "dummies" capable of a short list of file formats. I was surprised when I opened the .config files and saw that the apps can play/load most of the prominent file formats.

File Formats Supported By Videos App:

File Formats Supported By Photos App:

File Formats Supported By Music App:

The file formats are written in "(app name).exe.config" files at "C:\Programs Files (x86)\Samsung\Play Touch\ (app name)"

Someone at Samsung designed these apps correctly. :)

Published: Nov 26, 2011


  1. Hi Jesse
    I am Abubakr, I need a tablet or a slate device, and I am confused between Asus EEE B121 and Samsung Slate, my application is capturing educational video with the highest quality and I am using Active presenter for capturing, which one you recommend?
    thanks in advance and good day

    1. I would recommend neither. Both the Samsung and Asus slates are not going to perform well while capturing the screen's contents because of the CPU/GPU limitations.

      If you want a tablet solution that is more powerful then I recommend something like a Lenovo ThinkPad X230T (core i5 or i7) or a Fujitsu Lifebook T901 (with Nvidia graphics). Both of these systems have more powerful CPU/GPUs and therefore will yield better performance when recording videos.


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