Operation Flashpoint: DR - Mission 11 - Dragon Fury

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

This is the last mission of the game.

Support PLA Armor movement and capture Naval Base.

  1. Eliminate PLA Armor in Valley
    • Eliminate PLA Defensive Position
  2. Eliminate AAA threatening Trident
  3. Eliminate PLA resistance at Naval base
    • Capture Naval Base with General Zheng still alive

O1 - Eliminate PLA Armor in Valley
There's an enemy tank and an LAV stopping the movement of your friendly units. We have to move forward and eliminate them.

We'll move left following the tree line. When you come out of the trees you will spot a machine gunner at about 200M. Take him out of the fight and then order your Marines forward towards the old building.

The LAV will be firing on the left flank. You have to take it out now. Equip your AT weapon and eliminate it.

There's an enemy sniper up on the hill. Once the LAV is down you can order the Team to engage him. While your Team attacks the sniper to the left, you can take out a machine gunner on the right.

The tank is our next priority. Since we used out AT weapon we need to find another one. There's an AT weapon inside the old building. While you equip the weapon you can order your Marines to move forward and attack the enemy machine gunners. The tank will be about 200M away from you. Expect to shoot the tank three times before it blows up.

Eliminate PLA Defensive Position
The enemy position is defended by two machine gunners. Hopefully your Team has at least taken one of them out. If not you will have to engage them. They should be about 100M from your position.

The rest of the friendly elements will begin moving forward. The biggest threat to them will be the AAA units inside the village.

O2 - Eliminate AAA threatening Trident
Since we used the AT weapon to take out the enemy tank we need to find another one, and luckily there's one inside the old building. You don't have to equip this one, but it's convenient to do it now.

I recommend moving forward with a Vee formation which will provide security to our flanks and have plenty of firepower to the front. If you move fast enough you can catch several of the enemy in the open which makes it easier on us.

Expect 2 soldiers to our right, and 3 to our left. Take out the right ones first because they are a bit harder to get. The left ones will be easier to take out because the Team will provide lot's of firepower.

We'll move forward now and take out an machine gunner. Distance will be about 200M. Use the surrounding trees to protect your body in case you miss.

Once that MG is down we can move forward. Stay within the trees and foliage to protect your Team from enemy fire. Expect enemy fire from the village and near the road. Being close to the corner should begin to attract enemy from inside the village which will make taking down the AAAs a lot easier.

Before moving inside the village ensure your Team can engage some of the enemy. Since you will move on the left side this will be like an L shape attack. Make sure your Team is not following you. Clear each corner until you reach the 1st AAA.

Equip the AT weapon and you can now shoot the AAA down. If you can hear a warning sound from the AAA it means that it's about to blow up. If it takes you 3 shots to eliminate the AAA then you are going to have to find another AT weapon. There's an enemy AT gunner in the area which you can take down and get his weapon.

The 2nd AAA is a bit further and should go down with one shot. As you load those AT weapons keep an eye on your Team, don't let them expose themselves to AAA fire.

Once the two AAA are down you can move South and take out an enemy machine gunner found within the trees. After this Trident (the friendly helicopters) will land. Your task is now to move to the Naval Base.

O3 - Eliminate PLA resistance at Naval base
The Naval Base is way South of our current position. The fastest way to get to the Naval Base is to use the helicopters.

Once inside the helicopter press and hold the Shift key and choose the co-pilot position. Order the helicopter to move all the wa South of the Naval Base. We are approaching from the South because it will be easier to clear the enemy and will allow friendlies to approach safely.

Once the helicopter lands we'll take out checkpoints and hills to the North. Once you have taken out several hills Higher will allow you a Fire Mission. Save it for later. From here we can move East and begin clearing the Naval Base.

It's important to keep your distance from General Zheng's position. You don't want to accidentally kill the General. Since we are elevated we can spot the enemy inside the Naval Base and use our Marksman rifle to take them out. There will be plenty of enemy to shoot at.

The elevated position gives us a few advantages such as being able to spot the enemy easier, and we can withdraw if we need to heal the Team. It's excellent.

Once you have taken out many of the enemy on the South side of the Naval Base you may have to move North to eliminate an enemy tank and take out the remaining soldiers. You do have a Fire Mission available which you can use to take out the tank.

Capture Naval Base with General Zheng still alive
The General's position is marked on the map. He also sticks out quite well. Ensure that your Team isn't close enough to accidentally shoot him. Take out the rest of the enemy soldiers and you will have completed the Mission.

Mission complete!
Game complete!

Other Notes:
This is a game that is not as dramatic as Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, but it's a very tactical game that requires Team and squad tactics. Operation Flashpoint DR offers you wide scenes and a good amount of liberty on how you complete objectives. It's a game that does require you to come up with solutions to difficult situations.

Published: Nov 13, 2011

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