Operation Flashpoint: DR - Mission 10 - Decapitation

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

We have a night operation and this one can be very difficult, or fairly easy. If you do it correctly you may fire your rifle once, and call in one airstrike.

Eliminate Genera Han and neutralize radio station.

  1. Eliminate General Han
    • Observe General Han's movements
  2. Neutralize the radio station
  3. Extract

O1 - Eliminate General Han
We are dropped on the beach and need to move up a hill to begin observing General Han. The north-east hill will hold a single sentry, aim well and take the enemy out.

Move up the hill and take a good OP position. Ensure your Marines have their ROEs on Return Fire. Since observation of General Han does not require the whole team you can leave them behind. Move up and wait for the enemy helicopter to drop General Han.

Observe General Han's movements
As tempting as it may be do not engage General Han. Observe him until he enters the jeep and takes off towards the West.

We'll relocate to a hill on the West. As you move to the new OP avoid enemy patrols by keeping your distance. Engaging any of the enemy will make the Mission extremely hard.

Once the new OP is established follow General Han. He will continue to move from point to point. When he takes off to the North we will have to cross the road. Keep an eye out for a Fire Team to the West, and watch out for those patrols on the East. Cross safely and move North.

General Han will do one more checkup before heading towards the Radio Station. Keep your distance. Once he takes off we will have to cross the road again. Watch out for those patrols, cross the road and head towards the Radio Station.

O2 - Neutralize the radio station
The Radio Station will stick out quite well. General Han will reach the Radio Station and higher will give us one JDAM airstrike. Make sure General Han is inside the buildings, you can now call in the airstrike.

The JDAM has a big kill radius. Move away from the impact zone and watch the fireworks take place. General Han and the Radio Station are neutralized.

O3 - Extract
With the big explosion of the airtrike the enemy will be alerted. The enemy doesn't know our exact position so even if you see enemy do not shoot.

Our extract point is way far on the beach to our South-West. Follow a similar pattern as when you came towards the Radio Station. Evade all enemy.

The enemy will have enemy helicopters roaming around, do not engage them.

Saber 3 will be waiting for you at the beach.

Mission complete!

Other Notes:
The Mission is fairly easy if done properly. Alert the enemy soldiers and expect the complete opposite. Now we have one Mission left to complete and the game will be completed.

Published: Nov 12, 2011

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