Operation Flashpoint: DR - Mission 09 - Trumpet's Sound

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

This is one of the longest Missions so far. It's also tons of fun.

Facilitate the advance of Tank Platoon (Gridiron)

  1. Eliminate AT threats to M1A2s
  2. Destroy AT defenses
  3. Eliminate Mortar Site
    • Destroy AAA vehicles for CAS mission

O1 - Eliminate AT threats to M1A2s
It seems that our tanks cannot advance due to AT Teams. Our first objective is to take them down.

From the beginning ensure that you get that Marksman rifle along with extra ammunition from the supply box. From here order your Marines to enter the vehicle. We'll move along the road until we reach the OP position. From here we'll call fire missions on AT Teams.

There are three AT Teams in the area. Exit the vehicle and get behind the wood logs. Two of the AT Teams are on the left side, the third is on the right. We have plenty of Artillery so we can drop the extra rounds on the enemy's light armor vehicles.

When two of the AT Teams have been eliminate Gridiron tanks will begin to move. Make sure that you eliminate the other AT team before our tanks get close to them.

O2 - Destroy AT defenses
The AT defenses will be up a hill after the Oil Facilities. We can drive through to the right of the Oil Facilities and forget about our other friendly units, but it's better to help them.

Make sure to be the point element on the assault of the Oil Facilities. This way you can take down the enemy from distance. You will notice that the other friendly units will continue to move on. Make sure to move along with them and clear the Oil Facilities. If you give the enemy a chance they will grab some AT weapons and may try to hit a few of the humvees.

Expect at least two Fire Teams approaching from the hill's position. The other elements will provide covering fire which should allow you to close with the enemy. You may also notice that smoke will be popped every once in a while. The smoke means that the enemy is trying to retreat, it's better to eliminate them now. If you let them go they may come back for us later.

As you move up the hill maneuver through the trees. You will notice a few buildings close by. The buildings and reinforced positions have about a Squad size enemy element. Take them down with your Marksman rifle.

The remaining AT Teams are located South of the building. Since we can't see the enemy we can toss a grenade at them. Ensure your Team is moving with a "Line" formation. Close with the enemy and take them down. The AT defenses have now been cleared.

O3 - Eliminate Mortar Site
There are 4 Spotter Teams up on the mountain and taking them down will not be easy. There's quite a distance to cover and the Spotter Teams are calling fire missions on us. We must continue to move or enemy mortars will take us down.

Taking down the AAA vehicles will help us out, but the distance is also very far. Do not rush towards the AAA vehicles because that will get you killed. It's better for us to maneuver along with our adjacent units and take down enemy near buildings up on the West side.

As you move close along the road you will notice that it goes down. From that position we'll break from the adjacent friendly units and head down towards the AAA vehicles.

Destroy AAA vehicles for CAS mission
The AAA units are down bellow in the valley. It's quite a distance but it will be worth it. Continue to use trees for cover and distance to your advantage.

Since we are up a hill we can see the enemy down below. Use your Marksman rifle and take as many enemy down. Near these buildings you will see a supply box. Inside of the box you will find an AT weapon, take it. From this position we can spot the first AAA vehicle. The distance is between 275M and 300M, take the shots.

The other AAA is further to the East of those buildings. Move through the trees and take down any enemy in the area. One of them has an AT weapon which you can now use to take down the last AAA vehicle. You will be very close to the AAA vehicle so you can't miss a shot.

Higher recommends not using vehicles, but we are way far and time is running out to take the Spotter Teams. Order your Marines to Enter the vehicle and drive up the mountain. You need to continue to move or else enemy mortars will get you.

Your adjacent friendly units have been engaged with the enemy. Move in with your jeep and use the machine gun to eliminate the enemy.

Higher has now sent helicopters and they will help a bit. It's not much, but it's good enough.

As you follow the road you will be engaged by the 1st Spotter Team which is located North (up the hill, south-west corner of monastery). If they don't attack you make sure to deliver a few round so they come down. Higher will give you about 15 minutes to clear all the Spotters.

The 2nd Spotter Team is located East on the mountain (south-east of monastery). Close with them and take them down. Don't get too close with the Jeep becasue they have an AT weapon there. To eliminate the 2nd Spotter Team I used my AT weapon which worked flawlessly.

The 3rd Spotter Team is close by, but moving towards it directly is suicide. I recommend not engaging them and moving to the 4th Spotter Team position. The 3rd Spotter Team will be the last team we eliminate.

The 4th Spotter Team is up North-West of the Monastery. Using your Jeep will let you close with the enemy very fast. Don't get too crazy with that Jeep.

From here we'll move to the rear (north) of the 3rd Spotter Team and we'll surprise them. There are no enemy defending the North side of the monastery so that will be our route. Moving inside the monastery is suicide. Move along with your Marines in a Line formation and finish them off.

Mission complete!

Other notes:
Watch your ammo!

Published: Nov 9, 2011

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