Operation Flashpoint: DR - Mission 08 - Looking For Lois

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

So we got ourselves a rescue Mission. Compared to previous Missions this is a short one.

Evacuate POWs.

  1. Rendezvous with POWs
    • Remain undetected until the end of the valley
  2. Extract POWs
    • Clear landing zone before further reinforcements arrive

O1 - Rendezvous with POWs
The POWs are in a convoy about 500M to our South. A UAV will take down the first APC and we must reinforce the POWs.

Order your Marines to move fast South. When your Team is close to the position the UAV will commence the attack. Move your Team and eliminate any enemy PLA.

Order your Team and POWs to follow you. We have about 2KM to cover on foot. There are enemy all over the place, but it seems that going on a straight path is the safest way. If you move through the foot of the mountains you will encounter enemy. If you go over on the mountains you will encounter enemy. The safest way is not what it seems, but it works.

Remain undetected until the end of the valley
You will notice that an enemy helicopter is dropping PLA to our South. Do not engage them or attract their attention. Make sure to change the ROEs to Return Fire.

When you are almost out of the valley you may encounter some PLA Spec Ops. When this occurs take them down before any of the POWs get hit.

Enemy helicopters will be roaming around. If they spot you they will transmit your position to nearby units. Try to shoot the helicopters down.

Once you are out of the valley there won't be any more enemy until the LZ zone.

O2 - Extract POWs
Continue to move towards the LZ zone. Once you see the complex go ahead and order a Line formation. Make sure your ROEs are set to Fire At Will.

Clear landing zone before further reinforcements arrive
There's enemy all over the complex. Apparently enemy have been notified of our position and we must clear the LZ before reinforcements arrive.

We have an advantage and that is that we have tons of fire power. Move from the South-West of the complex and clear the area. With the amount of rifles we got we'll clear the area in a short amount of time.

Once the LZ is clear our friendly helicopter (Hydra) will land. Jump in, and we are out of here.

Mission complete!

Published: Nov 9, 2011

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