Operation Flashpoint: DR - Mission 07 - Bleeding Edge

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

On the previous Mission we were required to sneak into a fuel depot and blow up a generator. This time we are going back but with a lot more support.

Break through the enemy defenses and take over the Fuel Depot.

  1. Eliminate AT Teams
    • Take down MG nest
  2. Eliminate Spotter Teams
    • Find and take down AA Teams
  3. Destroy key defenses around Fuel Depot

O1 - Eliminate AT Teams (2 teams)
As you may have noticed there are many elements moving along with us towards the Fuel Depot. Move along with them and take on the enemy with as many rifles as you can. We are moving East and expect a lot of enemy.

Right from the beginning order your Marines to move forward to assist our adjacent units. We'll encounter 3 enemy soldiers near the buildings close to the road. Make sure to grab the AT weapon that one of the enemy soldiers has.

Take down MG nest (2 MG nests)
As we get into the tree line you can now equip the AT weapon. It will be useful when taking the MG nests that you will face soon. The MG nests are located at about 300M South-East from the forest. Take down those MG nests ASAP to avoid further casualties.

From here we'll continue to move East. Up the hill you will notice the AT Team's location. The 1st AT Team is easy to take down from within the forest. If you can try to flank the position. The 2nd AT Team will be around 30M to the North of the 1st AT Team location.

Make sure to heal your Marines often. There's a lot of firing going on and you don't always know the exact position of your Marines.

O2 - Eliminate Spotter Teams (4 teams)
The setting will be similar to the first AT Teams. You will approach from the forest and engage targets up an elevated and reinforced area. It won't be easy to secure the area. Try to snipe the enemy from within the forest. It's better to have some concealment and cover on your side.

There are 4 Spotter Teams and not all of them will be up on the reinforced position. The remaining Spotter Teams are North of your position on a smaller hill. You can call in Artillery to take them down.

Find and take down AA Teams (3 teams)
The 1st AA Team will be located at the top of the hill you are currently on. Send your Marines to assault the position. The 2nd AA Team will be near the road (North of road). The 3rd Team will be few hundred meters North of the road.

Since you have a scoped weapon take advantage of it and engage these targets from distance. Once the AA Teams are down we can now move on to the broken down Jeep and repair it.

O3 - Destroy key defenses around Fuel Depot (5 of them)
We have to catch up to the rest of the friendly elements. Our best bet is the Jeep. Order your Marines to enter the vehicle and move East towards our friendly LAVs.

Our task from here is to take on defenses around the Fuel Depot. We'll begin the assault from the South-West side of the complex. Make sure to ditch the Jeep far enough as to not attract attention.

Since it's very hard to hit targets at a far range I recommend getting closer to the enemy. Make sure to change the ROEs to Return Fire and sneak in.

Once your Marines are behind cover you can change the ROEs to Fire At Will, all hell will break out. When this occurs your team will attract fire from the outside defenses, and from the complex. Take down the enemy as fast as possible, MG nests take priority.

When the area is fairly clear we can now move to the Fuel Depot. There are very few enemy inside the Fuel Depot. Keep in mind that there's not much cover and concealment for your Marines in here. So move along from cover position to cover position.

The remaining enemy will be North of the complex. Take them down and the Mission is now complete!

Other Notes:
This is one tough Mission. On this Mission you will have added pressure because other elements depend on your advance. Attacking reinforced positions head on is often suicide, so use cover and concealment and aim well with your marksman rifle.

Published: Nov 9, 2011

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