Operation Flashpoint: DR - Mission 06 - Hip Shot

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

This is a night operation that requires us to be a bit sneaky. We are way inside enemy lines and we cannot go "guns blazing" or we'll attract big amounts of enemy. Since this Mission is dark you could use the NVGs to view "better" but usually this reduces the amount of ground you can see. It's better just to increase your screen's brightness.

Infiltrate the fuel depot and blow the generator.

  1. Destroy fuel depot generator
    • Get into position for diversionary strike
  2. Rendezvous with team at extraction point

O1 - Destroy fuel depot generator
There's quite a few steps to destroying the fuel depot. They are: hike to OP position, wait for Saber 3 to distract enemy, enter fuel depot, place explosives, run out, and blow the generator.

We are dropped near the top of a hill and it's our job to hike for what seems like an eternity to the OP position. I recommend evading all enemy by using trees, foliage, and rocks. If you see enemy patrols don't engage them and keep a good amount of distance (150m will do). There's a lot of ground to cover.

Get into position for diversionary strike
Once you are near the OP position go ahead an deliver a well aimed bullet to the sentry's head. If you fail to take him down with a single shot expect not to live very long. The alarm will be raised and the Mission will be close to impossible to complete. Once the sentry is down wait for Saber 3 to create a diversion.

When Saber 3 launches their diversion the enemy jeep will take off. This is our opportunity to enter the fuel depot. Make sure to not cross the path of the single soldiers running patrols. Keep the team out of the complex because they may shoot the fuel containers. You have to pull out a sneaky entry and get close to the generator.

Enter the fuel depot from the South-East side. There's only one enemy soldier inside the complex and you should be able to take him down with a single bullet. Now run to the generator and place the explosives.

It would be sweet to get out of the fuel depot silently... but it seems like all hell breaks out and the alarm will be raised. Your goal is to get out of there alive. Run towards your Team's position and hopefully they can provide covering fire.

Before getting too far make sure you detonate the explosives. The fuel depot generator is now destroyed.

O2 - Rendezvous with team at extraction point
Once the generator has been blown your No. 1 priority is to get out of the area fast. All the enemy in the area are now seeking you and they know where you are. Evade them by going East and then heading North towards the mountains.

The extract position will have enemy. Approach cautiously and take down enemy. The friendly helicopter will approach fast so do your best to clear the area.

Mission complete!

Published: Nov 7, 2011

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