Operation Flashpoint: DR - Mission 05 - Powder Trail

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

This is a long mission.  It's also not an easy one. Apparently a friendly helicopter crew got shot down and it's up to us to rescue them.

Find downed helicopter crew and extract.

  1. Search for downed crew
    • Support Echo
    • Search last known position of helicopter
    • Eliminate AA Site
  2. Rescue helicopter crew
  3. Safely extract helicopter crew

Focusing only on the 3 primary Objectives will probably get you killed.  My attempts of cutting through the map towards the primary objectives have not been successful due to an annoying enemy helicopter that will always loom around.  It's better to move along with Echo until you reach the helicopter crew.

Expect around 70 foot soldiers, a few AT Teams, light armor vehicles, and one annoying helicopter.

O1 - Search for downed crew
You will be dropped near a road West of Echo's position.

Support Echo
From the beginning order your Team to reinforce Echo.  The best position will be North of Echo's.  There are enemy positions at forest north of Echo, AT Team north of road, and one fire team North-West.

As your Team gets into position you can cut through East and reach a supply box which contains a sniper rifle.  Grab it, find a good position, and begin taking down targets.  It's probably easier to engage from right to left.  Make sure to take down the AT team north of the road because it could take down your humvees.

Search last known position of helicopter
Once all the enemy are down mount the humvees and travel North towards a village.  Do not engage them head on with a humvee, they will blow it up.  Instead dismount and approach from the forest.  You will notice the reinforced area, just take down the first line and mount your vehicle.

There are more enemy to the East, but you don't have to engage them.  Instead mount your vehicle and continue moving North towards a few old buildings.  From here it is recommended to be on foot due to the enemy helicopter (that big humvee is easily spotted).

Eliminate AA Site
You will notice a few enemy machine guns near the buildings.  Take them down with your sniper rifle.  You can now move your Marines through the tree line and engage near foot soldiers.

Once you have Artillery order a Scattered Fire Mission near the top of the ridge line.  This should eliminate a good squad sized enemy element.  Your Marines and Echo should eliminate any remaining enemy.

Move your Marines to the top of the AA hill site and continue to move along with Echo.  You will encounter some enemy near the road, take them down.  If you can try to fix the truck (Echo may hop in and help you later).  Continue to move East towards a village.

O2 - Rescue helicopter crew
The helicopter crew is inside the village.  Do not rush towards them in an effort to rescue them.  The village has plenty of enemy and there will be more reinforcing it.

As we approach the village you will encounter a few enemy machine guns, and an AT Team.  Take them down and continue to approach the village.  Move along the North side of the village and clear any foot soldiers.  Use the trees for cover.

As you clear the village from the North you will hear an incoming enemy helicopters.  Those enemy helicopters will bring two fire teams.  Move your Team to cover the West side of the village.

Two APCs are approaching.  One of the APCs will be to the North of the village, the other on the West.  Equip your AT weapon and take them down.  Keep the Team inside the village for cover.

Once the APCs are down you can now safely get the downed helicopter crew.

O3 - Safely extract helicopter crew
Don't get lax, there are still enemy in the area.  Move towards the North of the village, move West, and then begin your trip South towards the extract position.

Echo will move in to cover the East side and engage remaining enemy.  Provide support for them from your position.  Once the area is clear we can move to the top of the hill which is our extract position.

Mission complete!

Other Notes:
This was not an easy Mission, but it's a fun one.  If you play it in normal mode the checkpoints will help you a lot because you will get hit plenty of times.  When playing on hardcore the checkpoints are removed so it's much harder to complete Missions without losing anyone.

Published: Nov 7, 2011

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