Operation Flashpoint: DR - Mission 04 - Eagle Offense

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

We are on our way to take over Skira Island's only airport.

  1. Seek and Destroy PLA armor
    • Call in Mortars
  2. Take Airfield
  3. Defend Control Tower
    • Call in Airstrike
    • Eliminate PLA Attack helicopter

We have APCs, several fire teams, and AT teams. We'll also get artillery and airstrikes from higher.

Expect many foot soldiers with small arms weapons, around 8 APCs, and one enemy helicopter.

Our first objective is to find the PLA armor and destroy it. After that we'll call Artillery on enemy units preventing the advancement of friendly units. From here we will take over the airfield and defend the control tower from enemy attacks.

The team will have two SMAWs which will be used against the enemy APCs

O1 - Seek and Destroy PLA armor
Eliminate the single soldier near your entry point. Then move towards the West side. Keep your Marines behind the sandbags. Equip the SMAW and eliminate the two enemy APCs to the West.

Call in Mortars (secondary)
Expect a single enemy soldier South of these sandbags. Maneuver your Marines to the second set of sandbags to your South and take him down.  The positions held by this single soldier is excellent for calling in Mortar fire on the enemy.

O2 - Take Airfield
Once the friendly convoy is moving you can now continue to move South. Once you reach the corner of the airfield begin your movement towards the East side (Control Tower). Use micro terrain and the buildings to keep cover. The maneuver is a classic L shape attack (friendlies on the North, and you cutting through South towards East). Do not move along with the other friendly units or it may take longer to clear the airfield.

There will be enemy mortar fire on the airfield so eliminate the spotters up on the Control Tower ASAP.

O3 - Defend Control Tower
Once you have eliminated the enemy from the tower your job is to defend it. There are many enemy APCs approaching from the North-East road. You may have to equip your SMAW and take down a few of these APCs.

Arstrikes (secondary)
Higher has given you several Airstrikes which you can use. It may be a bit hard to use the Airtstrikes accurately, your best bet is on the friendly AAVs.

Try to keep your Marines behind cover because they tend to be a bit stupid and expose themselves to enemy APC fire.

Eliminate PLA Attack Helicopter
There's an incoming Attack Helicopter. To take it down head downstairs and get the SAM weapon. The Attack Helicopter should be approaching from the North-East. Take it down quickly.

Continue to defend the Control Tower with the SMAW. There are friendly cobra helicopters on their way to reinforce us. The enemy will begin to withdraw.

Mission complete!

Other Notes:
The mission can be fairly hard, but if done properly is a very easy one. Just don't be Rambo and expose yourself to the enemy fire.

Published: Nov 5, 2011

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