Operation Flashpoint: DR - Ending And Credits Videos

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

Operation Flashpoint was released back in 2009 and it's a tactical shooter. It is very different from the more popular FPS games out there, so the audience that will play it is very different.

I enjoyed playing the game in hardcore difficulty. On hardcore the gameplay feels a bit more immersive and the checkpoints are removed, in a way dying has more consequences.

Codemasters released another tactical game called Operation Flashpoint: Red River. When I ordered Dragon Rising I also got Red River. Hopefully the game is a bit more polished than the first. I won't play those games for a while because I need a break.

For those wondering of how the videos came to be I have listed the equipment used.

How the videos came to be:
  • HP DV6T QE - Gaming system with plenty of storage space.
  • SteelSeries mousepad - Any mouse pad will get the job done, but this one is a bit bigger.
  • Wired mouse - A wireless mouse cannot beat a wired one.
  • Fujitsu T580 - Monitoring and deleting videos through network
  • Secondary monitor - While editing the 1366x768 resolution of the DV6T QE is not enough.
  • Bose AE2 headphones - Playing a game without good audio is such a terrible experience.
  • FRAPS - Recording software for games
  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio - Editing, text, and conversion to smaller files.
  • Iomega Ego Black Belt hard drive - I will now delete the raw files, and save the rendered ones.
  • Youtube - Hosting of videos.
  • Lot's of effort and time.

The FRAPS raw files add up to about 366GB of storage. Obviously uploading 366GB of data to Youtube would be very hard with my internet connection. So I had to convert them with Sony Vegas and now their total size is about 32GB.

Thanks to Codemasters for creating Operation Flashpoint and letting me upload the videos.

Published: Nov 13, 2011


  1. Just bought this on Steam, price was 75% off ;)
    Will a W520 with i7-2720qm and quadro 2000m run it decently? (Haven't tested myself yet, still downloading...)

  2. That's a fantastic deal!

    I bet it will work fine on the W520. When I recorded the gameplay videos I did have to lower my settings. You shouldn't have to do that with the W520.

    Have you noticed how beautiful the W520's screen is compared to other laptops? I wish I had that screen on my HP laptop.

  3. Compared to my old Fujitsu laptop, my brother's Acer and my friend's Macbook Pro 13 this one's just stunning. Haven't tested it outdoors yet, though.
    As a matte screen it does seems do attract a bit more dust than glossy ones, that's the only downside. Though that might just be my imagination...


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