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Since finishing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 I have moved on to a new game called Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. Several years ago I played the demo and Xbox version and this game didn't really impress me. The game's controls are not easy compared to the more action packed games like GRAW2, COD and Battlefield. It takes a bit of time to get used to the controls but once you become familiar you begin to understand the depth of this game's tactics.

A new oil field has been found in Russia's Skira Island. China has a growing demand for oil and claim that Skira Island was originally theirs. China takes over the island. Russia demands they leave. Both countries move armies to their borders and and all out war may begin. Russia requests assistance from the United States. The US sends US Forces to take back the island.

One thing that GRAW2 had that Operation Flashpoint doesn't is the dramatic music. In a way that may be good because it let's you listen to your surroundings. Yes I never heard dramatic music while patrolling in Iraq (the Mosque prayers don't count).

I'm a big fan of the tactical shooter genre. Tactical shooters will never be as popular as other FPS games, it's not for everyone. This type of gameplay involves some planning and guiding your Fire Team. Shooting every enemy is not the goal, completing Mission Objectives is.

This is not an easy game. Some situations will catch you off-guard and there's no escape, you will die many times. There's also a lot of walking around which does take time. Vehicles are used against you, but you can also use them against the enemy. Interestingly the game got a lot more enjoyable once I upped the difficulty level, which also removes the HUD.

Gameplay Videos
I finished the game once and now I'm playing on "Hardcore" difficulty. I'll post videos of all the missions.

The greatest thing about ordering games that are a few years old is that prices go down. I spent a total of $8.34 (includes shipping). Buying it through Steam would have been more expensive.


Published: Oct 27, 2011

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