Operation Flashpoint: DR - Mission 03 - United We Stand

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

On the last Mission we took out air defenses during nightime. On this Mission we'll assault and secure a foothold on Skira Island's beachead. This is a hard level because of the multitude of enemies and unlike the previous Mission this time we have to confront the enemy. Playing on hardcore adds to the experience. I also changed the order of the Objectives because my way is a bit more "linear" as to what you progress.

  1. Protect AAVPs from AT Teams (actually a secondary objective)
  2. Eliminate PLA Spotter Team
  3. Eliminate AA Teams
  4. Secure Beached

Expect soldiers with small arms, a few RPGs, a light armor vehicle, and a few jeeps with machine guns.

We'll push forward along with our friendlies towards the first compound taking down AT Teams. After that we'll move to eliminate the PLA Spotter Team on top of the ridge line. From this position we'll attack the South village and eliminate the AA Teams. Once the village is clear we'll set up defensive positions and repel the enemy counter attack.

You will get your basic infantry load. You can find a sniper rifle on a crate.

O1 - Protect AAVPs from AT Teams
There are three enemy AT Teams which are located: on the East forest, and two inside the enemy compound (East from forest). There are many ways to approach eliminate these targets. One of the more effective ways is to approach each target on their side and catch them without cover.

I used a Vee formation because it moves the marines a bit forward from me and to my sides. It works well if you go slow. If you move too fast the formation is useless and there's a high chance of being shot or shooting one of your guys accidentally. If your Marines or yourself get hit make sure to heal each other while under the concealment and cover of the forest.

When approaching the compound to take down the two other AT Teams make sure to use the same principle of attacking from the side. You will have a great advantage because your friendlies are also approaching. Basically you will be performing an L shape attack. If you find yourself in the open try to close in to cover positions. Make sure to take down the AT Teams before your AAVPs get close.

Watch out to further inland because there's an enemy light armored vehicle. There's an ammo box here containing a Sniper Rifle, I encourage taking it.

O2 - Eliminate PLA Spotter Team
As soon as the compound is relatively clear move your Team up to the ridge line to take down the PLA Spotter Team. That Spotter Team is guiding mortar fire on your friendly elements. Take it down as fast as possible to prevent further casualties.

Make sure you have a fres magazine when conducting attacks.

O3 - Eliminate AA Teams
We now have to move to the village and take down the AA Teams. Don't go "inside" the village, instead use the distance and cover/concealment from around the village.

AA Teams Locations:
  • 1st AA Team is located to the East of the village lose to the small old house.
  • 2nd AA Team is located on the South-East corner of the village.
  • 3rd AA Team is located South-West of village.

You can engage the first two AA Teams from the ridge line position with the Sniper Rifle... although it's fairly hard to judge exact distances and hit accurately. I recommend getting in the forest close to the small old house and engage enemies from there. The position should give you a very good view of the village. You should be able to take down the first two AA Teams.

The 3rd AA Team will be on the South-West corner of the village. Be cautious when approaching because you will be open and the enemy may attack you from inside the buildings.

O4 - Secure Beachead
We have taken the village and as every infantry person knows we must expect a counter attack. We must dig into our best possible defensive positions and repel incoming attacks.

If you did the previous objectives fast enough there should be plenty of friendlies available to help you out. These friendly units will cover the North and East.

Your Team's task is to defend the South. What they mean with South is directly to the South, South-East, and South-West. You have three Marines, assign them each position. I highly recommend using the existing two machine guns.

Make sure to place a Marine West side of the road. This is to keep your machine gunner safe from flank attacks.

Once the enemy begins the counter attack make sure to check your map every once in a while. You may have to move from time to time and reinforce positions. The enemy will be all over the place... happy hunting!

The best way to attack the enemy is when they are in open areas with little cover/concealment, when they are walking without providing any covering fire, and when they are bunched up in a tight formation. Real infantry tries to NOT do that in real life.

After repelling the enemy you have completed the final objective and the Mission is complete.

Other Notes
This was a hard Mission. Keeping the Team and friendly units alive early on will make things easier later on. Without your Team members you would have to shoot so much that you will probably run out of ammo.

The next Mission is the Eagle Offense!

Published: Oct 31, 2011

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