Operation Flashpoint: DR - Mission 02 - Blinding The Dragon

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

We are now on Skira Island and we got to destroy the enemy's air defenses. This is a night time mission with stealth elements.

  • Destroy Sunburn Missile - Inland to the north-east.
  • Disable SAM Radar - up by north hills
  • Proceed To Overwatch - to the north between a the saddle of two hills

Expect soldiers with small arms. Enemy helicopters will be patrolling.

We'll infiltrate and hold fire until we conduct a joint assault on Sunburn Missile position. After that we'll move north to take down the SAM Radar and proceed to overwatch.

We'll have NVGs (useless), and thermals on a scope (useful, don't shoot your own Marines).

O1 - Destroy Sunburn Missile
At the very beginning there's a few ammo crates, make sure you take that extra ammo. If you don't there's a good chance of running out of ammunition. Take it while you can.

Move your Marines close to the hills north of the south road, continue to go East. Do not engage the enemy convoy!

Once you are past the first hill we can go North towards the Sunburn Missile. Use the trees for concealment from the enemy. You may notice a lot of enemy on the West side (keep your distance). We'll wait for Saber 3 to reach their flanking position.

Once Saber 3 is assaulting assign your Marines to engage the enemy soldiers. After some initial firing order your Team to assault the position. Once the area is clear, place explosives on the Sunburn Missile and blow it up.

Do not stay in this position long, you are surrounded by enemy and you could try to engage them all... but to eliminate all enemy is NOT the mission.

O2 - Disable SAM Radar
Move your Marines to the trees on the North ASAP (use the "Move Fast" command). There are incoming enemy helicopter and we need to reach concealment. If the enemy helicopters are within reasonable range you can try to engage them and take them down.

After taking down the Sunburn Missile you will get Artillery support. Do not use it until you are close to SAM Radar position.

Move your Marines through the trees and move North towards the SAM Radar. Once you are close move East of the position. The position will give you enough observation to call effective Artillery on the enemy. Make sure you are not in the impact area.

Once Artillery has finished assault the SAM Radar position and take down any remaining enemy soldiers. Place explosives on the SAM Radar and blow it up.

O3 - Proceed To Overwatch
Move North and take your Observation Post (OP). Mission done.

Other notes
This Mission is relatively easy if executed properly. You can make it three times longer by engaging every single enemy. I recommend focusing on the Objectives instead of the enemy soldiers.

Published: Oct 29, 2011

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