Operation Flashpoint: DR - Mission 01 - Dragon Rising

Gear: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Video Games.

This is the first Mission of the game and it's probably the shortest one. I did the bare minimum and focused on getting the Primary Objectives done. The Secondary ones are not needed and would take a while to get done.

  • Take down the enemy radar (hill to the South)
  • Clear the LZ zone (close to were you began the Mission)
  • Extract (same as LZ zone)

Hardcore Difficulty
The HUD has been removed since I'm playing in "hardcore" difficulty. The game's experience changes quite a bit and for some reason I enjoy playing like this even more.

I'm a fan of taking things slow, but for time's sake I knew where to rush my Team's movement. The best approach to moving safely is to have someone ready to shoot enemy while the rest of the team members maneuver. Using cover is essential to your survival.

It is possible to complete the Mission without using the map, but I wouldn't do it. The map is an essential piece that will save your life by guiding your Team to destroy enemy. It also assists in your "awareness" level.

Listen to your Marines calling distances of enemy. The bullets do drop (like in real life) and you have to adjust your sights for that specific distance.

O1 - Take down enemy radar
From the very beginning we are going to move close to the abandoned buildings, and launch an Assault on the hill. There will be two enemy fighters up there. Just be ready to shoot enemy down while your Marines move.

Once you reach the top of the hill assign your FT to attack the enemy close to the Radar. Once that area is clear move them to cover the valley down below. While they are covering the valley place some explosives on the Radar and blow it.

You will get access to Artillery soon. There are several firing methods and I recommend one that "spreads" the artillery. You can take down most of the enemy with the Fire Mission (I called the artillery a bit short). If you decide to walk down into the valley you can now get a jeep with a mounted weapon.

O2 - Clear LZ zone
We are now moving towards the LZ zone. Expect two enemy vehicles approaching from the North. Get close to the enemy and take defensive positions. The best possible situation is to catch the enemy on the road because they won't have any cover or concealment. As the Team Leader your job is to assign your Marines targets, they will get the job done.

O3 - Extract
When the LZ zone is clear the friendly helicopter will arrive. Reach the helicopter position and get out of there. Mission done!

This Mission can be done in less than 10 minutes. Completing the secondary objectives does extend your gameplay time, but for time's sake I didn't do them.

Published: Oct 28, 2011

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