GRAW 2 - Mission 10 - ACT 3 - The Last Stand

Alt video. Gear: GRAW 2, Video Games.

This is the last Mission on the GRAW 2 campaign. It's also the hardest and requires the most patience.

The Mission:
Take back the US border, and recover the Nuke.

The Team
Mitchell - Lean sniper rifle, short assault rifle, grenades, Zeus
Sniper - Powerful sniper rifle, short assault rifle, Zeus
Demoman - Rifle with 203, Zeus
Rifleman - Rifle with 203, Zeus

Usually I have smoke grenades, but I decided not to do this time. Usually they will give you a scoped rifle which is not enough to take down enemies at long distances.

Without smoke I had to move the Ghosts behind the buses. If you think about it... were the Helicopter drops you is about the worst possible position ever (enemy to the North, enemy to the South, you are surrounded and would die just on a storm of bullets). Usually... you would want to start on a position were at least one direction is fairly clear (ie North of border would have been better). It's close to impossible to keep all of your Ghosts alive because of the drop zone. Once you have moved the Ghosts to cover is all about your sniping skills. Don't expose too much of your body, and focus on one target at a time. There are many enemy at the beginning including 3 machine gun nests, 1 RPG, and 7 soldiers. Take your time. Once you have eliminated the first wave of enemies move your Ghosts forward because the next scene requires you to move fast.

Enemy are approaching from the South. Assign each Ghost a machine gun and use your sniper rifle to take down targets. Your focus should be on the machine gunner on the incoming enemy vehicle. (biggest threat) Those machine gun emplacements will take down tons of enemy (what a great assets to have). Reinforcements are on the way.

Reach the checkpoint and get your reinforcements. Move the Ghost that was in the middle machine gun and Marines to the right (West). They will advance and clear targets that can't be seen from the other two machine gun nests. Do keep the two Ghosts on the machine guns so they keep watch as you advance. Once you reach the top of the bridge prepare to take down the enemy helicopter to the West. Be speedy on this because that Helicopter is equipped with some powerful rockets. Move machine gunner Ghosts forward and be ready to move slowly.

We are now moving down the bridge and this place is hard. If you think about it you are in view of the enemy at all times. Get behind objects as much as possible because they will provide some concealment and cover from enemy snipers, RPGs, machine guns, and other foot soldiers. I tried keeping the Ghosts to the West while I advanced on the East. This method works very well to cover lot's of ground. Also, if I get attacked I can move the Ghosts to support me. The sniper rifle is useful here because of how far the enemy is. Try to conserve your Artillery and Airstrike assets. Use grenades to take down enemy machine gun nests (conserve 2). Since this is a game try to hit the enemy as soon as they "pop up" at a distance (it's a technical thing that you can use to your advantage). Advance slowly and watch out for enemy on both sides and elevated positions.

Once you are "down" enough from the bridge you will hear the music change... which means an incoming enemy Tank is approaching. Move your Ghosts to the East side to protect them. Now use your Airstrike to take the tank down. Any big threat should be taken down ASAP before it can do damage. Keep advancing from cover to cover and get down from the bridge. Get ready for incoming enemy from the South-West side.

Part 2
We are now down from the bridge and enemy is approaching from the South-West side. Expect two foot soldiers, and an enemy vehicle. Move your Ghosts to cover and take them down. Once down we have to move towards the enemy camp.

To reach the camp we'll go from the South-East side. Once close enough use the Artillery to take down the machine gun nest (a grenade could work here... but try to keep 2 grenades). While the Artillery is doing it's work attack the enemy snipers on the towers from the distance. Approach the camp and clear any remaining enemy on the streets.

We'll go Rambo style now and your Ghosts will be left behind (it makes everything more heroic). Move into the enemy bunker and turn on NVGs and put on the short assault rife.

Once you reach the ladder-well use a grenade to take down all of the enemy. Clearing this area with a rifle is possible, but it's a lot more work. Use a grenade. (this is the way I would do it in real life). Now move on to take the hall, equip the sniper rifle. Always take down enemy at a distance if possible.

As you may have noticed, your tiny assault rife is neat here, but not powerful. It may take many bullets to take down a single enemy, so pickup a more powerful rifle from the enemy. Try to have a full magazine every time you move on to a new area. (it's better to always have a full mag in a fire fight).

If you have a grenade you can take on any suspicious corners. When approaching a door try to clear each side (and down and up), and then move in.

We have now found the Nuke and we got to target designate it. The friendly jet is approaching to neutralize the Nuke, and you are in the blast area. Get close to the Nuke, press X, and run out of there. (technically you can move upstairs away from the Nuke quite a bit, and then press X). If there are any enemy on the way try to ignore them and past them. Try to at least reach the final stairs as the timer drops to zero.

Scott Mitchell comes out of the building through the burning flames, drops to his knees, and then faceplants. No signs of life.

GRAW 2 complete in hardcore.

This is a hard game, action packed, and with great Fire Team tactics. From a Marine Infantry SQD Leader perspective I appreciate the depth that this game has. In some ways it may be somewhat like a simulator. Anyone that has lead a Fire Team and Squad knows how much work it is to manage subordinates. The game requires you to use assets to complete missions. Doing the "Rambo" style in real life is pure bullshit (like some other games do). A Fire Team organization is highly effective in combat. The Leader may not be shooting that much because his job is to give orders, supervise, and correct in order to destroy and defend against enemy. The Leader has to keep the bigger picture and delegate to subordinates the details. A subordinate usually has a narrow view of what's going on. I didn't know until I was in a leadership position.

Obviously this is a game and is not going to consider: troop morale, the difficulty of communication on the battlefield, the need for water and food, the weight of the heavy gear, the heat and sweat, and the adrenaline. (I got some hearing loss and sore joints for the rest of my life + paired with some interesting memories). Civilian and military people have very different perspectives (being in the military does ruin many movies... hahaha) So it's a game for civilians, and somewhat a training simulator for military.

There are other games out there with the whole Fire Team tactics but GRAW 2 did a really good job. The console versions seem to have better Ghost AI. But overall the PC version is a great game (mouse and keyboards rule FPS genre). Multiplayer is also very good (a bit more Rambo style really). Let's hope Ghost Recon Future Soldier maintains a good amount of Fire Team principles.

I'm done playing GRAW 2. I'm sure I have spent 500+ hours on it through the last few years. It's time to move on to other games.

Published: Oct 6, 2011


  1. Enjoy your video. I have been trying to assign my ghosts to the 3 machine guns like you do in the video, but for some reason, I cannot assign them individually as you do. I can only assign them as a team (pressing #1), then one ghost will jump on it. What are the exact steps to assign each ghost individually?

    1. You can use the numbers above the QWERTY keys to select the character you want to move or assign something to do. You can also do this with the mouse scroll wheel. Once you have selected the character you can assign the type of action you want by pressing the middle mouse button click. Hope that helps. (2m)

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for your walkthrough.

    1. Make sure to check the Hardcore series, that's where more "proper" tactics are used. ;)

  3. no more videos here...........

    1. Yep. YouTube flagged them for copyright, and then the hosting company dislikes hosting big video files so they deleted them. It might be time to rethink how sharing videos is done from my side.

    2. will you please send the part-2 video to my gmail account through google drive..if it is possible.


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