The Gadget Show's Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator (now this is cool!)

One of the best FPS simulators I have ever seen!

  • Battlefield 3 - This is one of the best looking FPS games.
  • Iglovision Dome - While Battlefield 3 doesn't support "360" projections the dome does immerse the player. (they modified the way it displayed later on)
  • Omni-directional Treadmill by MSE Weibull - Emulates the walking/running movement by the player.
  • Surround Sound - Music, effects, and all the chaos surrounds you.
  • LED Ambient Lighting by Extra Dimensional Technologies - Ambient lighting can improve the experience by intensifying the ambiance. Their same technology is used to run the paintball guns.
  • AppBlaster Weapon - Get rid of that mouse or gamepad, a real weapon has a trigger! This is an accessory for the iPhone which used with Mobile Mouse app provides the triggering controls. They also kept track of the position of the weapon.
  • APS and Events Media - Moves the projection around the dome.
  • 12 Tippmann Tango Paintball guns - Most games don't give you that physical feedback that induces a range of emotions, this simulator does.
  • MS Kinect - Monitors your moves and activates some of the motions in the gae

6 weeks to build and the equipment is valued at about $650,000 Pocket change for the "hardcore gamer". ;-)

The Gadget Show

Published: Oct 24, 2011


  1. Star trek holodeck!

  2. Battlefield III: 60 dollars
    Ultra-realistic virtual reality gaming environment: 650,000 dollars.
    Eight-core box with tri-SLI videocards to power all this: 5000 dollars.

    Getting pwned by a kid running a $700 box: priceless.


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