For Sale - Pixel Qi 10.1 1024x600 Screen (SOLD)

I'm selling my Pixel Qi screen.  I bought this screen to make a tablet with e-ink/e-paper like feel... but failed miserably when the Fujitsu Lifebook T580 wouldn't let me set a 1024x600 resolution.  Since the little experimentation the screen has been wrapped in its bag.  I'm sure someone else can use it.

Starting at $175:
Pixel Qi at ProdiBox

Very Useful:
Pixel Qi - Compatible netbooks/laptop List
Pixel Qi Forums

Tech Specs:
Diagonal: 10.1"
Resolution T: 1024x600xRGB (transmissive)
Resolution R: 3072x600 (reflective)
Brightness: 165 nits typ (dark room)
Brightness: 235 nits (room lighting)
Brightness: >1000 nits (outside, sunlight)
Color Saturation T: 40% NTSC
Reflectance: 27% hemispheric
BLU power: 2W
Panel Power: 0.41W @30Hz
Panel Power: 0.54W @60Hz
Interface: LVDS
Mechanical: 235mm x 143mm x 5.2mm

Detailed Information:
Pixel Qi - MODEL NO.: PQ 3Qi-0 (PDF)

Excellent condition with no smudges, fingerprints, scratches.  It's as good as new.

Item will be shipped via UPS to Continental USA only.

Payment Methods:


Published: Oct 11, 2011


  1. I'm curious as to your perspective of the screen as an actual user.

    How good is it in non-sunlight conditions compared to a normal TN or IPS display (i.e. viewing angles, color accuracy, sharpness response time)? Do the colors "invert" when viewed at off-axis angles (VERY important for a tablet)?

    How does it "feel" to see outside? Does it simulate paper (or e-ink) well?


  2. For indoors I think that it's an ok screen. It's not as superb looking as some of the latest IPS screens.

    Sadly I didn't get the experience the full capabilities of the screen because the Fujitsu T580 is not compatible.

    You can view some video of the screen at:


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