Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

Every once in a while I get off my "no sugar" routine and eventually pay for it by means of weight gain, crazy mood swings, depression, and the lovely acne breakouts. It's hard to say "no" to those sweets. Breaking the routine once a week is fine... but doing it for a few weeks has some consequences. But I do my best to establish order and get back on a healthy diet.

Focusing on the right things without motivation is can be extremely hard. So watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is a good motivator to regain that focus. I also read a piece by Michael Ellsberg at Forbes about "How I Overcame Bipolar II (and Saved My Own Life)" which was excellent. This type of materials can give you tips on how others overcome situations. I grab what works for me and apply it.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead focuses on juice. But at my income level juicing is expensive. What I do is to get some veggies, nuts, and some lean protein (eggs, chicken, tuna) I also take a multi-vitamin to make up for some of the things I know my body needs but won't get.

Diet alone can't give you Arnold muscles. So I know working out is also a contributor to good overall health. On this front I have slowed it down quite a bit because of some joint pain and the lack of music. Music has always been a great motivator and I did the mistake of selling my Nano 6G (regret it big time), and then my cell phone died (Palm Pre), and therefore have no musical inspiration. So.. I decided to get a used Nano 6G 16GB again. I have a set of Bose MIE2i earphones doing nothing, so when the Nano 6G arrives I will take advantage of the now enabled Fitness features and get back on track.

The magic pill that solves everything doesn't exist... yet. Many tiny parts make up this puzzle of a life and this movie shows some of the dedication it takes to improve one's self.

Published: Oct 10, 2011

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  1. Juicing is a pretty expensive, but there are a few ways to cut the cost significantly.

    - Buy from farmer's markets. The cost is sometimes half of the cost at the supermarket.

    - Grow your own fruits! Citrus plants are the best (hardy, versatile, and low-maintenance). If you have room, an orange or lemon tree is really nice. If you don't, kumquat trees can be put in pots (some are even used as houseplants) and produce lots of fruit to juice (just squeeze and add water and sugar like in lemonade).

    - Don't drink juice every single meal. A cup a day or every two days is more than enough.


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