Triple Bundle Giveaway - Audio, Stylus, Storage Bundles (EXPIRED)

Every once in a while I decide to do one of these giveaways. This is your chance to get some free stuff.  Make sure to read the Rules first to make sure you qualify before buying entries.

The giveaway will consist of :
  • Audio Bundle
  • Stylus + Lock Bundle
  • Storage Bundle

Audio Bundle

Logitech Z305, Iogear Bluetooth Receiver, USB Laptop Light, Targus USB Hub, Intel Centrino Half Mini PCI-E Wifi + Bluetooth Card (Model 622ANHMW, Advanced-N 6200)

Stylus + Lock Bundle

Fujitsu LifeBook Digitizer, Targus Defcon CL Laptop Cable Lock.

Storage Bundle

250GB 5400 RPM HDD, 120GB OCZ Vertex 3

All items are in working conditions.  The OCZ Vertex 3 SSD does have issues with some systems (like my HP DV6T QE), but it may work perfectly with other systems. OCZ is working on updates to make it run well with all systems.

This giveaway is sponsored by YOU.  These devices were bought with good ol saved money (no company sent these items to me).

  • There can be 3 winners, one for each bundle.  But you could have entries in all bundles and win them all.
  • If you are a minor (17 or less in age) you must have permission from your parents or guardian.
    • Receiving "free" items from "some dude" on the internet is not normal.  So make sure you have permission.
  • Each Bundle will be shipped to USA addresses only.
    • Example 1 - If you live in France and your shipping address is in France you do not qualify.
    • Example 2 - If you live in Germany and you have a friend in New York that can receive your items you do qualify.
  • Post a comment on this post with a link to some cool stuff
    • It can be tech related, music, video, it doesn't matter.
    • This action gives you 1 entry to all 3 bundles.
  • Have a contact method so I can get your shipping address.
    • It can be an email address, youtube username, facebook profile, etc.  Don't make me have to create an account to a service so I can contact you.  You can view sites that I "hang out on the lower right"
  • Buy additional entries at a rate of $0.50/1 entry on specific a Bundle.
    • If you bought $5 worth of entries for the Storage Bundle then you will have 10 entries in that bundle.
  • Entry submissions end September 30.  The winners will be chosen at random on October 1st.

    Published: Sep 8, 2011


    1. Here's a cool table. Because little is more random than an awesome table. ;p

    2. I'm not looking to win, but to inform people following the Google-Moto buyout. Patents can go a long way, for sure:

    3. Classic.

      youtube is LumBa505

    4. this is some fine tech ^^.

    5. Hi Jesse,

      since you were checking out the X220T I thought you might find this link interesting: Known Issues and progress on them

      I encountered some of the described errors myself and even though the X220T is one hot piece of hardware it is too bad that so many issues occur. It seems also Lenovo starts pushing out products before they are ready...

      After fixing most of the problems I am very happy with my X220T though.

      And for showing off the multitouch feature: Windows Touch Pack

      Thx for your cool reviews, keep it up...
      Greets, Nicholas

    6. Said to post anything. Just the way I feel at the moment before heading into work LoL. Gotta love monkeys :D

    7. Very cool stuff you have here, im getting a lenovo s10-3t n450 early model soon and i watched your videos about them. thanks for them

      Anyways heres my link

      Im a composer and i compose music digitally mostly on youtube and this is a video of myself at work on my desktop. If you're interested in a small theme for your channel check out my music to get an idea of what i do and i'll see about doing a short piece for you to use.


    8. Hi Jesse, I'm surprised when you have some give-away stuff to donate. I'm just your new fan and will have the lenovo x220 tablet next week. Your website would be great to look up info and tips about my new laptop.
      Here's my video of Lady Gaga because I'm a huge fan of her:

    9. this is for entertainment:

    10. I'm looking for a laptop stand and have these links beside the cooler master notepad ergostand:
      It can be a new fresh air for modern life.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Hey Jesse, Great Videos. This is a late entry but I hope I qualify :P.
      Awesome Laptop:
      I forgot to put the way to contact me: YouTube Name: Sharpshooterlka

    13. Winners have been chosen.

      Triple Bundle Giveaway Winners!


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