Soccer Tennis

There are many variations of soccer tennis, but I like this one.  We use the soccer ball instead of the tiny tennis ball which makes the game harder (ie less enjoyable).

Some of the rules:
  •  The ball must keep bouncing.
  •  If a player bounces the ball on the opposing court and the ball goes out or hits the net then that is a point.
  •  If a player holds control of the ball and is close to the net (determined by mid line), then that player can only bounce the ball on the court once.

We play multiple matches of 11 or 21 points.  Two out of three matches wins the game. The game is great for two players, and it gets crazy when played by four players.

The game is super inexpensive because all you need is a soccer ball and a commonly unused tennis court. Obviously it's a great game for those who have played soccer, and yes it's a great workout.

Published: Sep 12, 2011


  1. ill have to try this ;)

  2. This is really close to a Thai sport called Takraw:

  3. 1515,
    Do. If you can handle the ball you will enjoy it. With a good kick you can curve the ball and make it interesting.

    That sport looks like a soccer volleyball. The net is way up, and it requires crazy acrobatics from the players. :)

  4. That's true, especially as there's no letting the ball hit the ground, but the general idea is similar.


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