GRAW 2 - Mission 01 - ACT 1 - Search And Destroy

Alt video. Gear: GRAW 2, Video Games.

First mission of the game and I think it came out pretty good. There are many ways to get through the mission, but I chose a rather direct way, disregarding the "stealth" stuff. I got to apologize if my lingo sometimes gets mixed up with some USMC talk... being in the service can give you some different views. There are a few comments that give you some insights on how I play the game.

My team:
  • Mitchel
    • Rifle with 203 and a good scope
    • Smoke and HE grenades
    • A hand gun or a small rifle can be handy in small quarters
  • Gunner (support)
    • 240B machine gun (the saw is fine, but the 240B is excellent)
    • This guy is the key to deliver suppression fire so the rest of the team can maneuver.
  • Grenadier (demolition)
    • The default rifle with 203 will do
  • Rifleman
    • The default rifle will do (add a 203 for some explosive stuff)

Let's break this level into:
  • Clear The Camp
  • Blow The Artillery
  • Cross The Bridge

Clear The Camp
This will combine a set of skills from managing your team to individual actions.  Try to clear the area from one side to another. There is nothing worse than enemy hitting you from the rear.  Once the drone becomes available use it to scout for enemy.  I have kind of memorized the positions of most of the enemy so I didn't need to use it.

The Village area is easy to clear... just toss a grenade in the middle of their barricade and watch them blow.   I also recommend getting the two guys near the bridge (one walking on it, the other under the bridge).

Outpost part is scattered with enemies (usually in buddies).  There's also a sniper up on the tower.  The video shows how I cleared the Outpost.  The idea is to distract them on one side, and while they are distracted try to hit them from the other side.

There are three guys on a barricade south-west which are easy to get from the distance.

Blow The Artillery
There are two pieces and they are in the middle and right caves as you approach them.  Use grenades on these positions.  Make sure to not blow the last artillery piece until you place your Ghosts properly on the Cross the Bridge part.

Cross The Bridge
Position your Ghosts so they can fire at the enemy as they come.  When the enemy is running towards you they are not firing, and your guys are in great positions to shower them with bullets.  Make sure to place your Rifleman on the machine gun nest as it's a free and powerful weapon that can blow the helicopter and some of the vehicles across the bridge.

Some Essentials - They become very natural after playing for a while.
  • You
    • Use the map and drone to scout for enemy (accessed via Tab key).
    • You are the leader, make sure to delegate jobs as best as possible.
    • Don't aim through your sights all the time (tunnel vision can get you killed).
    • Don't move around unless someone is covering you.
    • Keep a good amount of rounds in the magazine.  If you have 5 rounds or less it's time to reload.
    • Go slow on the corners and use the Q and E keys to strafe.
  • Team
    • Keep the team together as much as possible (when one reloads, the buddy can keep firing at enemy).
    • The friendly AI needs direction from you. Use the "cover" command to point your Ghosts in the direction you want them to keep an eye on.
    • On some missions the team is very essential, on other missions they can be a bit "stupid".
  • Enemy
    • Distract the enemy with the team from one side, and flank from the other (classic L shaped flanks).
    • The enemy in this game overloads you with suppressive fire for a while.  Take cover and wait until they reload.  Once they are reloading you can shoot them.
  • Indirect Fire (grenades)
    • Take out several enemy easily.
    • Throw from an unexposed position so you don't get shot at.
    • The enemy will try to scramble when a grenade lands close by. Shoot them while they are trying to run away.
    • Use grenades in conditions were you can't see the enemy (like caves)

Published: Sep 20, 2011

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