GRAW 2 - Mission 09 - ACT 3 - Codename Farallon

Alt video. Gear: GRAW 2, Video Games.

Our Mission is to find that Nuke and it's going to take a while because we are dropped what seems like miles away from the actual target. This Mission is a bit long and if you rush through you will most likely die. It took a few tries but the video is "unedited".

Have your team equipped with Zeus. My team consists of a Gunner, Demoman, and Rifleman. I have a scoped weapon, 203, grenades, smoke, and Zeus.

Right off the the drop zone move your Ghosts so they can engage the enemy road block. You can move to the left side and engage the enemy from a different angle. Once cleared move forward.

The gate area is heavily reinforced and a planned attack will do the trick. Use smoke to position your Ghosts and use grenades to eliminate and distract enemy. Rifleman up on the right side, Gunner and Demoman on the left. As you can see my plan went terribly because I didn't toss the smoke far enough and the Rifleman decided to be an idiot and not move to his assigned position. In the end I had to pick up firing to make up for the Rifleman's error. Once the area is clear move them forward to cover the main road.

Clearing the facility can be fairly easy. You could take over the tower and play sneaky (but that is a bullet magnet)... so use the Team to clear it. Assign the Rifleman to clear the West side, and then move him to cover North. The Demoman can engage enemy on the North-East. Gunner can engage enemy on the East by cutting through the main building. Try to help out your Demoman as much as you can because there's lots of enemies Once the area is fairly clear reposition your Ghosts to cover North.

An advantage of your Ghosts in this Mission is that they can engage enemy from far distances. Gunner and Demoman can cover North from positions close to main road. Keep your rifleman busy by moving him through the West side and engaging enemy on the East. Keep an eye out for snipers, which there may be up to three (one on top of tube, one at the corner of the North-East building, and one on top of a water container).

When you reach what looks like water containers move your Ghosts to the West and have them cover the facilities on the East. Take your time and don't rush it. As you may have seen on the video I moved my Ghosts to also take down some targets on the Dam (West). Eliminating the Dam targets now will save me a lot of hassle later on. Move the Gunner to watch out for enemy on the Dam (again this will save some time).

There are three entries to the power generator area (two close to the Dam, the other was from a Southern position). Place two of the Ghosts on the South entrance, and you can move to the North). Make sure your Ghosts engage and attract the enemy first, then you move in and take the enemy from their side.

Taking the Dam is a bit long. A sniper rifle would be useful here, but since I didn't have one the shots were harder. Try to keep your Ghosts on the South side of the Dam, and use the metal walkway if you can. Remember to expose yourself as little as possible because the enemy loves to suppress fire you.

When the Dam has been cleared move the Ghosts to the roof of the West facility. The PC doesn't expect you to place them there, so it's a great position for engaging enemy later on. Don't place the EMP on the jamming device until they are in position.

Once the EMP goes off engage the enemy helicopter coming from the North. There's also one enemy soldier that spawns on the East side. Hopefully your Gunner takes on that enemy vehicle with a 203 round.

Reposition your Ghosts to cover the North and South sides of the building they are standing on. When you approach the facility enemy will spawn. (again they were not expecting you to place the Ghosts up there).

Helicopters (gun ships) are approaching from the South. Assign your Ghosts to take them down. Once they have used their Zeus move them so they cover the East side of the Dam. You will have enemy running towards you and it's best if you take them down early on.

Your extract helicopter has arrived, get out of there and let's head to the last Mission.

Published: Sep 29, 2011


  1. Hi Jesse, can u make a video, where u explain the OneNote Shortcuts u use (e.g. is there a shortcut to draw straight lines?)? Or the best functions and how u work whith this programm and ur tablet?

    Best greetings

  2. @Tobi
    I do use OneNote with my T580 and have done a few modifications to make it better. I'll consider it.

  3. hi Jesse, yeah it would be really nice ;) - especially if u use some keyboard shotcuts or so.

    greetgins tobi


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