GRAW 2 - Mission 08 - ACT 3 - Attack On Multiple Axes

Alt video. Gear: GRAW 2, Video Games.

We are now officially in business! Your Mission is to take down RPGs and support Bravo team.

You will encounter small arms, snipers, RPGs, machine gun nests, a few enemy vehicle, tank, and a helicopter. My team is back with the Gunner, Demoman, and Rifleman. Make sure they are well equipped for the Mission.

There are two insertion points in this Mission. I chose B which is much closer to the enemy RPGs. At the beginning of either insertion point there will be lot's of enemy rushing towards you. Move your Ghosts to some kind of cover ASAP and begin taking them down. It is better when your guys are in a good defensive position and the enemy are rushing to close with you.

There's a machine gun nest which you can easily take down with a well aimed grenade. Stay close to the bus and take down those RPGs. Expect an enemy vehicle to arrive soon which you can take down with two grenades.

Going West you will see that I split the team (two take North road, and two take South road). As you progress in this terrain try to work together (ie if you get pinned down on the South, move the Team on the North road to take them down). If you take this approach I recommend assigning the Rifleman to a machine gun.

Taking the corner near the last RPG can be a bit tricky, but stay close to that corner and assign the North road team to cover the direction and you can get the job done.

While Bravo is inserting take down the enemy which are close by. A well aimed shot + a grenade will get the job done. Right after that position your Ghosts in defensive positions to take down the waves of enemy that will come. The Rifleman should always be your choice for machine gun emplacements. As you may have noticed on the video you may have to look around to make sure that the Ghosts are covering their sectors. Support them when they are beginning to be overloaded.

You will get some reinforcements (Tank, Drone, and Artillery). Take your Ghosts with you when you close to the reinforcements (this keeps them safe). Once you gain control of the reinforcements move the Tank to take down the incoming enemy vehicle, assign the Drone to find enemy near that plaza, and make sure to blow those RPGs with the artillery. Once the RPGs are down you can move the tank forward so he can take down the incoming enemy tank.

Try to get that enemy helicopter before it goes too far. All we got to do now is to reach the extraction point. As always don't get yourself killed by running towards it. Clear the zone as best as you can. Mission done.

Two more Missions and the game will be complete.

Published: Sep 28, 2011

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