GRAW 2 - Mission 06 - ACT 2 - The Long Walk

Alt video. Gear: GRAW 2, Video Games.

The Long Walk is a mission that is very different when you compare it to the previous Mission. It's a bit more "solo".

You will encounter enemy soldiers with small arms, machine guns, snipers, RPG, some enemy vehicles, and two helicopters. Make sure your partner and yourself are equipped for the job. I recommend the Demoman as he can reload fast and has some extra firepower. Also load up on Zeus.

Coordinate attacks and movements using the map to clear up the lower zone. Then advance to the enemy machine gun nest, make sure to move correctly as to avoid him firing you. (ie avoid the big road).

Once you approach the enemy road block (the one with vehicles) use grenades and move your Squad forward. Try to use cover. Sometimes there's a sniper up on the roof of the water tank. Keep someone assigned to cover it.

The East corner is somewhat tedious because there are many enemy from two different directions. By the road you will get a enemy vehicle approach (take down the gunner first),. Try not to overexpose your Demoman because that will get him killed. There's an RPG up on the roofs on the south side. (I forgot to take him down...)

When you are heading South you will encounter a few foot soldiers, and a few machine gun emplacements. Take down those machine guns before they have a change of shooting at you (203 and grenades will be useful). Once the machine guns are down position your Squad so they can cover your movements. Personally I like to go East and try to flank the enemy from the side.

When we are close to the Water Facility we got to rush towards some good positions. There will be two enemy vehicles and two helicopters approaching. The best thing to do here is to take them down as soon as possible. Use grenades to take down the vehicles, and use the Zeus to eliminate the helicopters. The gun ship should be priority. If you don't take them down the whole game gets complicated. Once those are done we need to head to the roof of the biggest building for extract.

Don't rush to the extract position because you will get yourself killed. Take it nice and slow and keep an eye out for enemy on the West and East sides.

Mission done!

Published: Sep 27, 2011


  1. what's the name of the song used on this mission

    1. I bet it's listed in the credits of the game. Play Part 2 of

    2. yes i think but i didn't find the right song name of this part of mission and thanks for the first key and by the way i like ur vid's it's really cool


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