GRAW 2 - Mission 05 - ACT 2 - The Price Of Peace

Alt video. Gear: GRAW 2, Video Games.

This is one of the most team based focused missions yet. It's also a very dark level which requires the Ghosts "super vision" (which you sadly as a human do not possess).

As always my team consists of a Gunner, a Demoman, and Rifleman (w 203). I wouldn't recommend having a sniper. There will be a tremendous amount of firing going on.

At the very beginning you need to take down a few targets yourself. This is to eliminate the Ghosts confusion from firing everywhere. Once those three initial targets have been taken down you can toss a bit of smoke and move your Squad to fire down a single lane. Maneuver with your Gunner to take down the rest of the enemy.

Consolidate the Squad once the road has been cleared. You need to send the Gunner to take down a machine gun nest that would otherwise cut them down. Make sure to maneuver the rest of the Squad members to help the Gunner take down the rest of those targets at the plaza. Try not to move your members when they are firing, let them take down the target and then move them.

There are three Anti Air units around the Plaza. The West side AA is the easiest, the other two require a bit more work. Take down the machine gun nest near the West AA by tossing a grenade over the fence. Taking down the South-West AA can be done by delegating the job to two Ghosts. Make sure your Rifleman takes on that Machine gun nest on the roof. It will be useful to protect the other Ghosts. The Loyalists are great at keeping security for your Rifleman (sometimes enemy can come from the North-East and kill him).

When your Ghosts are taking down the South-West AA try to position them so they are safe (ie don't allow them to be out in the open). This Team is very far from the rest of the Squad and you will have to depend on the strategic map (tab) quite a bit.

The North-East AA can be easily destroyed by yourself. Make sure you don't blow it up until you set your Ghosts in the right positions to take on incoming attacks from a helicopter, and a two mounted mercenary teams.

The mercenaries from the helicopter are easy to take down. Once you have eliminated them run and help your Gunner and Demoman. A good 203 round should take plenty of those mercenaries down.

Once you eliminate those mercenaries send the gunner to the Plaza so he can help eliminate two snipers. The snipers are activated when you close in on the South-East street. Make sure your Demoman takes on a good spot to take enemy down. Once the snipers are down move the rest of the squad to the South-East street.

Clearing up the zone before the Church can be a bit tricky. There are enemies on several positions (including sniper). One way to clear the zone is by delegating your Ghosts to the mid area, while you clear from the North. As you get closer to the Church you will see three enemy, take them down with a grenade.

The game does want you to move and keep security at the Church. I don't recommend it because those positions suck. The enemy will attack from many directions and your Ghosts are not the brightest. What I recommend is keeping them on that North street and position them to focus their firepower in the right direction. This way it's easier for them to acquire targets. The enemy doesn't expect you to be where you are, therefore it's an advantage. From this position your Ghosts can fire at them while the enemy tries to figure out where you are.

As you will notice the weather gets very dusty and your vision will go down a lot. This is the job for your Ghosts. As the Squad Leader your job is to manage the teams correctly. Keep them behind cover, and assigned them sectors of fire.

Try to keep the Demoman and the Gunner close by as they can support each other. The Gunner reload times are very long, someone needs to pick up the rates of fire when that occurs. I kept the Gunner and the Demoman on the left side, and the Rifleman and the Loyalist on the right. It pays off to keep your Squad members alive! With this combination we can take on almost anything.

Once your pickup comes don't rush to the vehicles. Clear the zone first and then get to the vehicles. You have now completed one of the most team-based Missions on a game.

Whoever designed this Mission did a fine job. The Mission would take a long time or be close to impossible to complete by yourself, you must use the power of your squad members. The team based tactics found in this game make it a "squad based tactical shooter" which is very different when compared to other FPS games.(ie COD, Medal of Honor). On this Mission you truly are a Squad Leader.

Published: Sep 27, 2011

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