GRAW 2 - Mission 04 - ACT 2 - Joining Forces

Alt video. Gear: GRAW 2, Video Games.

The levels are getting harder and yes I'm playing on the Easy difficulty (for video length considerations). If you tried to play on Hardcore this video could probably take twice the amount of time.

There are two drop zones. One is "hot" and all hell has broken already, and the other is a bit further back but gives you more time for some planning.

When the Loyalist need help you have to clear the East and West sides. I made my Ghosts clear the East while I cleared the West. The weapon you choose matters a lot on this mission. If you choose a scoped weapon clearing the area can be a hassle (might have to switch to secondary). It's better to have good ol iron sights for fast paced shooting. Also a scope requires time, and you don't have any to waste.

Once you have helped the loyalist rush towards the West and hit the enemy and the vehicle before they can spread. Grenades work well here.

Make sure you blow up that helicopter.. if you don't the dropped soldiers will get in the way. Don't rush trying to get to the Loyalist. Assign a ghost to take the roof and clear the multiple enemy. Those snipers are everywhere.

Once you reach your Loyalist at the cemetery use grenades to take them down. It makes a nice boom! Place your Ghosts facing East so they can cover you. Get a Zeus from the Mule and blow the tank ASAP.

The intersection of evil is fairly easy to clear. Just stay close to the left wall and use the map when possible. There should be four elevated enemy and one machine gun nest. Use 203, rifle, and grenades to clear up the area.

After the intersection things get a bit more complicated. You have to use the map to keep angles covered. There will be ground soldiers, two machine gun nests, and a few snipers. Don't rush this area or you will probably die. I cleared the north side first, and then moved my Ghosts to clear the south.

When you are approaching the train station area you will be on the door of death. It's important for you to clear right, and left. Once the elevated enemy has been cleared you can move forward and take on the soldiers close down. Make sure you still have grenades for the train station area, there are several enemy grouped.

Mission done!

Published: Sep 24, 2011

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