GRAW 2 - Mission 03 - ACT 2 - Welcome To Juarez

Alt video. Gear: GRAW 2, Video Games.

On this mission you will encounter enemy with small arms, one RPG, three tanks, and two snipers.

The first part of this mission requires you to be a bit speedy. Leave your team behind and hurry up to save your allies. Destroy the tank ASAP (if you don't then get ready for a lot of dodging).

If you rush enough you can catch some enemy off guard. Try to get them while they are running towards you. (I was a bit late to it).

As always you can delegate some tasks to your Ghosts. They can maintain security to the North, while you clear the East. Just make sure you put them were they can have some cover. Use a Ghost to clear up the inside of the building (it's dark in there and these AI Ghosts have better vision).

The enemy road block can be cleared in several ways. I opted for attacking it head on, which is a mistake. An even easier way would be to use grenades. Watch out for that tower near the enemy road block. There's a sniper up there which may pop out when you least expect it.

Once you are close to the Market ensure that you don't overexpose yourself. Just peek and call mortars. Also make sure to destroy the first tank ASAP with the air support. You will get a friendly tank which will help you destroy the third tank.

Make sure you don't rush towards the helicopter when it lands. Take your time and clear up the area first.

Overall this is an easy mission. Of course if you up the difficulty level then any of the missions can take you a long while.

Published: Sep 22, 2011


  1. Do you use the regular keyboard or external one for games; ik you use a external mouse :)
    (The keyboard arrows look kinda small)

    and what do you think about a 7200RPM vs 5400RPM? heat, size, loud?

    1. I use the default HP DV6T QE keyboard. I don't use those tiny arrows, I change it to use the AWSD keys.

      I prefer the 7200RPM because it does reduce the load times, and for FRAPS it works well enough. The fan of the system makes more noise than the HDD.

  2. ok thx, can you turn down the fan noise in the HP settings?

    Or would that make it to hot?

    i might buy this game i like the squad control stuff.

    1. I would recommend not turning off the fan noise... unless you had some amazing efficient and quiet cooling mat/pad. I do use headphones when I play the game to stop hearing the fan noise.

      There are some modern games that will probably be better (at least the AI will be). Operation Flashpoint comes to mind. I think the GRAW story is pretty neat. The last mission is very emotional... hahaha.

  3. i destroyed the tank and cleared the hostiles at the juarez airport, but i can't advance any further.

    1. This level has some bugs. After destroying the first tank if you go right and keep advancing towards the market the game may freeze. I noticed this happens on the download version, but not on the DVD version. My advice is to clear the right, and then move back left towards the road block.

      You may have to restart the Mission.

  4. buddy i am unable to use zeus mate its practically i can view an lock on the target bt i am unable to fire pls help??

    1. It happens. Just zoom out and then attempt to lock in again.

  5. Hey thanks, I got stuck in this mission, no idea how to destroy the tank, but your walk through really helps


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