GRAW 2 - Mission 02 - ACT 1 - Recon In Force

Alt video. Gear: GRAW 2, Video Games.

Since we are on our way to Juarez we need to take down two artillery pieces. Along the way we'll find lot's of enemy soldiers, a few RPGs, and some snipers.

The beginning is very straightforward. Classic base of fire and move, tactics work well here. Use grenades if you can. There will be opportunities to get more when they drop a Mule later on.

As you may have seen on the video I did split the team to clear different areas. I trust my Gunner to work well enough without a buddy. The Gunner will also have an easier time because the enemy is coming from only one direction. The Demo and Rifleman work well together.

Clearing the ladder/cliff side is harder if you clear it from a single direction. If you coordinate attacks then it becomes much easier.

Try to take over the overwatch positions (elevated positions that can cover lot's of ground). One well placed Ghost on an overwatch position can take on many enemies. Make sure to move them little by little as to not overexpose the Ghost.

Published: Sep 21, 2011


  1. hey, nice work, i got Black Ops label for this mission. Mate I really want your help. I got this game, howerver, I am totatlly unable to unlock ACT 2 for mission 3. I have tried passign mission 2 four times already but can't seem to have unlocked mission 3 for ACT 2. Does it get unlock automatically or do you have to pass some secret stages that I might have overlooked in this game. Your help will really be appreciated beyond any limit. Please help me with this, :-)

  2. Usually the only requirement to unlock the next Mission is to just pass the current Mission. You may have a "corrupted" file which isn't saving properly. I recommend making a new game profile.


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