GRAW 2 - Don't Play On Hardcore Difficulty

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I have played GRAW 2 for many hundreds of hours and for some reason I continue to play it. There are elements that I like, and some that I don't, but overall this is hard game once you play it in "Hardcore" mode. The last mission on the game is probably the hardest part in the game. It's even hard when played on the lower and easier difficulty settings.

As you can see on the video your team arrives in an helicopter and your mission is to recover the US/Mexico border. The enemy has already reinforced the border with three machine guns emplacements, a RPG guy on the roof, and several riflemen around. When you drop from the helicopter all the cover you will get is two buses... which seem to just block the vision of the enemy and not the rounds! Bullets pierce through like a warm knife cutting through soft butter.

Your not so bright team members seem to always want to die by not taking any type of cover which is frustrating. The frustration gets even worse when your guys die and you want to restart the mission, and this can take a while depending on your hard drive speed. You do want to have your three Ghosts with you to complete a mission.

On the next part you will have to defend the border against a squad size enemy attack. Obviously if you have your three Ghosts you can use the three machine gun emplacements to make this easier. Enemies appear unexpectedly and your Ghosts are essential to cover your movements.

Published: Sep 20, 2011

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