Dream Tablet - Stopped By A Wall

Not all is well in the land of JBA. The T580 and the Pixel Qi don't seem to be compatible. The T580 uses a 1366x768 screen resolution and the Pixel Qi uses 1024x600. I tried several methods through software to get the screen working but they all failed. The Pixel Qi screen always had some issue that I could not get working (scaling, bad positioning, etc) To get the screen working requires something deeper than I currently can do. The fix requires editing bios firmware. The problem is that there's very little information on how to edit the BIOS (especially the Fujitsu's T580). I wish it was as simple as the Lenovo S10-3T's firmware. ;-)

For now the project will be on hold. It's a bit sad because I really want a convertible tablet that works well outdoors with e-ink/e-paper like technology. E-ink/e-paper is a much better technology for outdoor display compared to the normal outdoor screens. The outdoor screens usually have extra brightness (which is not good for your eyes).

So... now I have a Pixel Qi screen at my place with absolute no use to me.

What should I do now?
  • A. Get a Samsung Netbook and install the Pixel Qi screen (Sunbook sells for $800)
  • B. Sell the Pixel Qi screen
  • C. Give away that cool Pixel Qi screen.
  • D. Never give up!  Keep trying until something breaks.

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Published: Sep 1, 2011


  1. Have u tried setting the resolution down with ur orginal screen and then changing it?

    greetings and nice project - don´t give up - if that doesn´t work, try to find someone how modifies the firmware of the graficcard?

  2. Tobi,

    I tried changing the resolution with the original and then going to Pixel Qi. The system puts the 1024x600 resolution, but it thinks that it's filling the original screen and therefore it cuts off the Pixel Qi screen on the right side. Just imagine a hotdog that has a sausage that extends beyond the bun limits. (best example I could come up with

    Someone did tip trying Linux and see if it's not a Windows thing. But I want Windows because of the programs that I use everyday.

    Getting in contact with anyone from Fujitsu is a a bit of a nightmare. They are German and therefore have no sense of humor ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnszesKUXp8 ) hahaha. And that relates directly to figuring out the firmware stuff!

    I spent a couple of days researching the firmware stuff and didn't get much information. All I know is that what I need is the ROM image, which is inside an executable, then extract the image, then edit the hex values (which I have zero idea on where to find the right values), then save the new ROM, and then apply the new firmware. If done incorrectly this mod would brick the system.

  3. I was about to say, why don't you try linux :)
    try the latest ubuntu (maybe ubuntu 11.10 beta 1 which just got released) and u can try it as a live CD or a live USB. It's really not that hard.
    About the programs, I'm sure u'll find alternatives. I've been using linux since 2008 and never looked back!

  4. Nas,
    I have too much invested in MS OneNote. Do you know of any OneNote alternatives for Linux?

    I might give the Linux USB boot a try. Removing the existing screen and adding the Pixel Qi is such a hassle though. It can take a few hours (rushing is not an option with this).

  5. I did a little research on the OneNote alternatives. Two word summary is "not really".

    This link has some good quick-to-digest information:


    Linux has come quite a way on the desktop, but in the tablet space, Microsoft has a lot more foundation work done. Having ink be a first-class operating system supported object is, in my opinion, the strongest differentiator.

  6. I have the hp 1100 tablet pc (I got it for 180$ :P) and I installed a lightweight linux distro on it and it works so nice.

    As for the OneNote alternative, I've been using Xournal. It's good and does what I want. But I don't know much about OneNote, to be fair. But for note taking and PDF annotation and exporting, Xournal is great.

    Here's a video of it

  7. Hey Jesse,

    If your setup is getting confused on Windows but works on a *NIX system, it may be a driver issue.

    Try doing a clean install of Windows and using another driver for the graphics from a machine with a resolution identical to your Qi screen.


    PS: If you want OneNote on Linux you might try a Wine/Crossover compatibility layer.

  8. Hey Jesse,

    >>Do you know of any Intel HD (Core i5-560UM) drivers for a 10 inch system at 1024x600. I don't think it exists.

    Nor sure about that. I'm more of a software hacker than a hardware hacker, so I'm not sure what kind of issues would result the lower resolution would have on a "standard" driver setup.

    My suspicion was that the built-in Fujitsu drivers were messing up the config somehow, because they're designed for the built-in display. If a clean install doesn't help you, then I have no idea.

    As for compatible NTrig drivers, someone's found a way for them to work with a patch.


    Unfortunately it hasn't been tested with the T580 yet, and since I don't have one, I can't give it a try. I think it would be worth testing.


  9. I saw your result... Had you try change video driver to support ?? or try another video driver ??

  10. There are limitations and I think they end up at the Bios level. Another video driver wouldn't fix the problem. So the project has been stopped, and the Pixel Qi screen sold.

    Maybe one day, but not today. Pixel Qi is in the works of producing other screens so maybe we'll get to play with some neat tablets during 2012.

  11. Oh.. That's too bad.. It has bypass way.
    Changing Bio is not only solution. I did it 3years ago At Intel GMA chipset...

  12. The hope in a way was to get a compatible Pixel Qi screen, but as of right now it seems like that will not happen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVWQpMFhDCg

  13. Is it a just sofeware(Bios)'s uncompatible? Pixel Qi's hardware fitting with the T580?

  14. The T580's bios forces a resolution of 1366x768, the Pixel Qi's screen needs 1024x600. It would take a modification that I can't do because I'm not an expert in that field.


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