Completing Projects - Define Goals First

We all start projects.   Some are completed, and some never got started.

There are many elements that can affect completion of projects, but all of them will fail if the goals are not clear from the beginning.  Wishful thinking is wasting time.

Failing and failing again is part of learning.  So there will be time wasted no matter what.  Every time we fail we can learn something, but if we want to complete projects we have to know the full "picture".  Proper planning is knowing the steps needed to achieve the outcome we want.  Keep the end in mind, break the project into parts, and then work on the details.

Although sometimes "just doing it" works too.  ;-)  A tool for planning O-SMEAC (military related, but can be useful civilian side).

Published: Sep 6, 2011


  1. Nice post.

    Now go back five years in time and stuff it in the face of the guy who headed Windows Vista's development.

  2. Windows Vista was... I wouldn't ever want to deal with one of those system.

    They way they are building Windows 8 is very impressive.


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