Booktrack - Enhancing The Book Reading Experience

There has not been much evolution on book reading (other than the move to digital) but that is about to change with technologies like Booktrack. So what is Booktrack? Well it's software that allows playback of soundtracks and sound effects when reading books on digital devices.

I can see Booktrack being useful to "set the mood" and enhance the reading atmosphere. In a way it could be like adding a bit of a "movie feel" to a book. (which would be very weird and interesting at the same time).

One thing that I'm sure Booktrack has kept in mind is that their technology needs to create the ambiance without being too distracting. There are manual adjustments like reading speeds, and audio levels for ambient, sound effects, and music.

The digital book reading realm has gotten a bit more interesting.

What I would like:
The one thing I have always wanted is Audible audio books and Kindle books working together in sync. You can listen to the audio book and the Kindle app stays along with the audio. Maybe I decide to stop reading with the Kindle app and now I want to resume by listening on the audio book with my mp3 player. Once done with the audiobook and I want to go back to the Kindle the app knows where I left of. I would totally pay for "bundled" books.

Booktrack Website, Booktrack Youtube, OhGizmo Article.

Published: Sep 6, 2011


  1. Interesting idea, but I feel that it's doomed from the start. There are a few reasons:

    1) hardware. To create a decent ambient sound effect, you need power. Maintaining such an effect means taking away the main selling point of an e-book reader - the long battery life. Of course you could run this thing using a media tab like an iPad, but people don't generally read books using that anyway.

    2) implementation. You can keep track of what page the reader is in on the book. You can't keep track at what word the reader is on the book. Even if you can set the reading speed, people don't read at a constant pace. So "spontaneous sounds" like screams, gunshots, etc will be pretty much impossible to implement. You'd be stuck with simple things like wind, rushing river, and other "ambient" sound effects which aren't that interesting to begin with (the cheapo alarm clocks that hotels love so much have them too...)

    3) audience. People who read books don't care for these kinds of gimmicks. Seriously. Gimme a break. If you want sound effects and flashy stuff, watch a movie.

    Frankly this idea reminds me of the kids' picture books which have a sound module which you press for SFX next to it. Interesting, but for kids only.


  2. Kid's picture books with a sound module sounds about right. If the investors thought about it that way they probably wouldn't have given them much funding.

    Techcrunch guys didn't like it:
    TechCrunch - Booktrack: Just A Horrible Idea. Really Horrible


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