Unfriend Me On Facebook

We all need to start using The Friendship Graph!

As years go by we collect a huge amount of information, stuff, and "friends".  Overloading yourself leads to inefficiency.  Friends are among the few things worth having, but having too many can lead to spending a lot of effort in non-productive activities.

If you have joined the Facebook army you have probably collected a good amount of "friends".  These friends should really be called "acquaintances".  They are just people we know; Maybe we met a while ago and it's a nice gesture to add them to our ever-growing list.  A list that now displays lot's of stuff and bothers you on rather stupid stuff.  If you have a few hundred or thousands of friends do you actually talk to them?  probably not.  A friend of everyone is usually a friend of no one.

Not all of these "acquaintances" are a waste of time.  Some might help you out with work or on whatever you are doing, and maybe one day they will become friends.  But at the beginning they are not really friends. (but to advance yourself act like they are your "best friends"  hahaha).

Friends are people we truly care about.  When we care about friends we are willing to do anything for them, we show up to their activities, we help them when in need, and we are there to listen about how their day went. It's simple.  :-)

A few days ago I removed over 200 "Friends" from my Facebook account and I have never felt better. I can now actually see what the buzz is with friends.  Maybe I should remove a few more?  ;-)

Organizing people into categories is for the most part a waste of time.

The one thing that we almost never consider with these social networks is Time.  You and I are going to die. It is inevitable.  With all the social network bullshit it is amazing how fast it goes by.

Reducing wasted time is part of a well managed life.  Consider all the stress that fades away after a few unfriending sessions.  Nothing is better than a concentrate of real friends that care about you and you about them.  :-)  Happy Unfriending!

For everything else there Google Plus (hahaha)

Published: Aug 19, 2011


  1. I for one never understood the entire "friend me plz!" phenomenon. I have less than 10 friends on facebook, all of whom are REAL-LIFE friends or family that I interact regularly in real life, and only they can read my FB posts. I don't want everyone out there (probably including a few creepy stalkers) to know what I'm doing.

  2. I think part of it is the game of seeming/wanting to be "popular". It's also kind of "rude" to say "NO" to people.


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