Screen Protection For Tablets With Pen Input (Lexerd Fujitsu T580 Screen Protector)

Gear: Lexerd TrueVue Anti-Glare/Crystal Clear Screen Protector.

It's only a matter of time before you scratch your beautiful tablet.   Once you scratch the touch layer you may begin crying... (not that I got tears or anything).

A few notes:.
  • It's better to scratch a $30 screen protector than to damage your touch layer (which can cost a lot to get fixed).
  • If you notice scratches it's time to replace the active digitizer's/pen tip.
  • If you scratch the touch layer deeply you can replace it, but acquiring parts may not be easy.  (some systems have the touch layer glued, and that's very easy to break).

The T580's screen and N-Trig layer are not glued, so it's very easy to take apart. Along with the layer you also would have to replace the N-Trig module (the module is attached).

Published: Aug 22, 2011

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