Most Tech Blogs Are SPAM!

I spend a good amount of time checking news about technology and lately I have found these tech blogs to be a big waste of time. Usually they repeat news from each other, deal with cell phones (don't care), and talk about non productivity focused tablets (like effing yoyos in middle school).

Unsubscribed from:
  • Gizmodo - they went for the quantity over quality model
  • Laptop Magazine - they mostly cover tablets and cell phones instead of laptops, they are also super filled with adverts
  • GottaBeMobile - cell phone stuff I don't care about
  • Slashgear - like a Gizmodo
  • Netbook News - mostly news about tablets instead of netbooks

  • OhGizmo - neat to see crazy gadgets
  • Engadget - pretty much sums all the tech blogs

Anyone who has tried to stay up to date with the latest knows that most of the internet is spam... so eliminating these time wasters is a good thing.

Published: Aug 30, 2011


  1. Agreed.

    I stay away from Gizmodo not only because of their crappy content but also because of their crappy layout.

    As for GottaBeMobile, they DO have some high-quality non-phone related stuff. Not enough for me to subscribe to, but I do take a look when I'm searching for something and it comes up. They did a review of the HP 2760P tablet (a competitor to the X220T your reviewed) a few months ago, and it was pretty good (just google Hp 2760p review and you'll see it).

    Another site worth looking into is Ars Technica - not a tech blog per se, but still good reading - a few very high quality articles a day.

    For the ads: Hosts file + AdBlock Plus + NoScript + Ghostery = browsing bliss.

  2. I have heard of Ars Technica but never visited.

    I have followed GBM for a while and they do make some good original content (but it's not enough).

    Does AdBlock Plus remove the text ads found in Youtube videos?

  3. VISIT ARS TECHNICA! It's great. (btw I have no affiliation with them other than being a loyal reader.)

    To answer your question about AdBlock Plus, Jesse, I honestly don't know. I think the answer is yes, since I watch a lot of videos on youtube and have yet to see any ads (other than the video ads that play before some videos - but those are pretty much impossible to block).

  4. Sounds interesting. I'll check it out!


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