For Sale - BlackBerry PlayBook (16GB) + Otterbox Defender Case + IOGEAR Multi-Link BT Mini Keyboard (SOLD)

It's time to sell my BlackBerry PlayBook and a few accessories that will go along with it very well.

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Why I'm Selling:
I have been using my Fujitsu LifeBook T580 (post) more than the PlayBook. At the moment I have no use for it, but you might.

Used - but very well maintained ( there are no scratches )

What's included:
  • BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB (post)
  • OtterBox Defender Case (post)
  • IOGear Multi-Link Mini BT Keyboard (post)
  • Original boxes, accessories, and documents

Prices When Brand New:

Shipping Conditions:
Continental USA only. If you are outside the USA please do not buy it.  When the package has shipped I will provide a UPS tracking link.

If you have questions please contact me or add a message in the comments. Thank you.

eBay Link:
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Published: Aug 7, 2011

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