Dream Tablet - Pixel Qi Screen Arrived (1024x600)

Gear: Pixel Qi.

As of right now Pixel Qi's 10 inch screen offers a 1024x600 version. The 1280x800 version comes out in Q4 2011, but we probably won't actually see them in stores until Q1 2012. The plan is to add this screen to my Fujitsu LifeBook T580 tablet.

Resolution wise it is a downgrade. The T580's screen offers 1366x768 and the Pixel Qi has a 1024x600. The advantages will be on the reduced eye strain and outdoor capabilities. The N-Trig touch layer does have glare so I might have to get a plastic film to reduce it.

The next step would be to disassemble the T580 and check the connections. It would be sweet if I didn't have to mod too many things! JKK gave me a few good tips that I have to consider. Patience will be a big thing or else I can ruin very easily a great little convertible tablet.

I don't plan on rushing the addition of the Pixel Qi screen. First I would like to go in more detail on what the T580 offers. So the modding will probably being in a week or two.

Pixel Qi

Published: Aug 1, 2011


  1. Hey buddy, like the plan. Hope it fits, let us know. I'm using an iPad now and I don't like it much, cool in some ways but so stupidly limited in others!

  2. There are pros and cons to everything. :) I hope it works without too much hassle. We'll see next week.


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